Ben & Jerry’s Releases Vegan and Truffle Flavors, Plus Pint Slices …

We’re hardly median into Jan and so usually one twenty-fourth a approach by 2018, and nonetheless it’s already a large year for Ben Jerry’s ice cream fans. The code has a whole line-up of new products on their way, including an enlargement to a recently-launched vegan series, new truffle-forward flavors, and some favorite scoops removing sliced.

Adding to Ben Jerry’s already strong line of non-dairy flavors, a new vegan options are also done from almond divert and are accessible in Peanut Butter Half Baked (chocolate and peanut butter ice cream with spirit and peanut butter cookie brew bits), and Cinnamon Buns (cinnamon ice cream with cinnamon brew pieces and streusel swirl). They join Caramel Almond Brittle, Cherry Garcia, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Chunky Monkey, Coconut Seven Layer Bar, Coffee Caramel Fudge, and P.B. Cookies in a certified vegan collection.

non dairy and vegan ice cream ben and jerrys

For a dairy-tolerant, however, a contingent of new judgment Truffle Pints are also attack a freezer section. These flavors, including a milkshake-inspired Chocolate Shake It, indulgent Caramel Chocolate Cheesecake, and cold brew-based Chillin’ a Roast, are dotted with turn balls of chocolate cookie-covered fudge truffles, graham cracker-covered cheesecake truffles, or chocolate cookie-covered coffee liqueur truffles, respectively, and offer adult another decadent further to a ice cream company’s dictatorial use of mix-ins.

three new flavors of truffles

The new Pint Slices, radically round, stickless ice cream bars, will be informed to fans of a brand’s pints themselves. Jimmy Fallon partnership The Tonight Dough, caffeinated Coffee, Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz, and fan favorite Cherry Garcia will all be removing sliced and dipped in chocolate for somewhat less-sinful snacking (than downing a whole container, that is).

pint cut for ben and jerrys entrance out this year

We attempted all of a new products a few weeks behind and, notwithstanding a strenuous accumulation of flavors already accessible from Ben Jerry’s, were astounded to find any of a new equipment formulating a possess required niche in a ice cream market. The truffles sojourn soothing and chewy in a mix, adding another dig-able component to base for in your pint. Our favorite, by far, was a Caramel Chocolate Cheesecake (because cheesecake), though Chillin’ a Roast delivered on a strong coffee season that we suspicion tasted some-more like an affogato that other coffee ice creams. The new pint slices, while mostly informed flavors, are acquire additions if usually since The Tonight Dough and Cherry Garcia are flattering most a strike no matter how we offer them.

[Note: We’re available samples of a non-dairy flavors and will refurbish this post once we’ve attempted them.]

According to a Ben Jerry’s spokesperson, all 8 (yes, EIGHT!) new products are already on their approach to stores national and should be popping adult in a freezer box in a subsequent few weeks.

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