Ben & Jerry’s Releases Three Lower-Calorie Cookie-Inspired Flavors

When it comes to drifting cars, drudge butlers, and teleportation, a destiny we were betrothed isn’t utterly here yet. But when it comes to ice cream that doesn’t leave we feeling guilty after immoderate a whole pint of a stuff, cruise yourself vital in a golden age. On a heels of Halo Top‘s large success in a low-calorie ice cream market, Vermont-based stalwart of the industry Ben Jerry’s has only answered behind with a possess decadent take on lighter ice cream, a contingent of Moo-phoria flavors that are all desirous by another dessert favorite: cookies.

The Moo-phoria line, that hits stores today, is being launched with full-flavored, mix-in-heavy treats that, distinct a uniform hardness of Halo Top, broach some-more totally on a ice cream experience. Only weighing in between 560 and 620 calories per pint, Chocolate Milk  Cookies, Caramel Cookie Fix, and P.B. Dough are all nestled in that docile 150-ish calories per portion range. They also underline 60 to 70 ideal reduction fat than normal ice cream and reduction sugarine (without replacing it with any sugarine substitutes), nonetheless are all still done with organic milk.

Chocolate Milk Cookies combines vanilla and chocolate ice creams swirled together with pieces of chocolate chip cookie thrown in for good measure. Caramel Cookie Fix is a vanilla bottom with pieces of shortbread cookie and a slimey caramel badge throughout. And finally, P.B. Dough is chocolate ice cream with chunks of chocolate chip peanut butter cookie mix churned throughout.

At an early ambience exam here at Food Wine, we found a tawny coherence and mouthfeel to be scarcely on standard with full-fat ice cream and same to brands like Breyers or Edy’s/Dreyers, with a Chocolate Milk Cookies entrance out a clever first-place contender for season (with a others, frankly, not distant behind). The biggest disproportion for Ben Jerry’s fans competence be that these new pints also don’t have a denser coherence and somewhat icier season compared with a brand’s solidified yogurt offerings, that now come in a accumulation of obvious BJ’s flavors.

Earlier in a year, Ben Jerry’s released a few new products of a some-more calorie-laden variety. Truffle pints, that are dotted with soothing truffle bits, and pint slices in classical flavors like The Tonight Dough and Cherry Garcia. The creamery also put out a integrate some-more non-dairy pints—made with almond milk—in Cinnamon Buns and Peanut Butter Half Baked flavors.

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