Ben & Jerry’s particular chocolate-covered slices of ice cream – Pint Slices

ben  jerry's now does particular chocolate-covered slices of ice cream
Want. (Picture: Ben Jerry’s)

Still eating your ice cream true from a cylinder with a spoon? That’s *so* 2016.

Ben Jerry’s has usually severely upped a ice cream ravenous game.

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No longer are your usually options for ice cream expenditure a cone, a cup, a bowl, or the rarely underrated ice cream sandwich. Now, we can eat your ice cream in a form of a chocolate lonesome slice.

*Pause for drooling*

Ben Jerry’s has usually denounced a enchanting invention called Pint Slices.

(Picture: Ben Jerry’s)

Pint Slices are particular slices of ice cream lonesome in a covering of chocolate and away wrapped.

They’re a bit like ice cream sandwiches, in terms of portability and apportionment control, though with chocolate instead of biscuits.

Which is a cadence of comprehensive talent and we can’t trust we didn’t consider of it ourselves.

(Yes, they are radically a same thing as a classical Choc Ice. But these are round. And they’re Ben Jerry’s. So we’re excited)

Pint Slices are now accessible in 4 flavours: Americone Dream, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, and Vanilla Peanut Butter Cup.

ben  jerry's now does particular chocolate-covered slices of ice cream
(Picture: Ben Jerry’s)

The usually bad news? They’re now usually being sole in a U.S. Sad times.

But there is hope. It competence take months. It competence take years. But if Pint Slices are perceived good in a U.S., it’s expected Ben Jerry’s will eventually bring them over to a UK.

Until then, we can make do by rupturing adult a cylinder (you can do it with a jacket still on so all stays ideally shaped) and delicately balancing some squares of chocolate on top. Same thing.

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