Beloved American Foods That Other People Find Disgusting

Taste varies widely around a world. So it creates clarity that some dear and iconic American dishes don’t suffer a same recognition in other countries. In fact, people from outward a United States have some flattering clever opinions about American foods. And sometimes, they find dear American dishes positively disgusting.


Read on to check out a American dishes that people from other worlds only can’t figure out.

1. Beef jerky

Pile of beef jerky shot Beef jerky | Rez-Art/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Like many other American foods, a peculiarity and cooking of beef jerky change widely. But that doesn’t save this beef product from alighting on a list of American dishes that offend people from other countries. The kind of beef jerky we can find during a supermarket is rarely processed, and doesn’t closely resemble normal beef jerky in any way. But a chewy hardness and cosmetic ambience of that kind of beef jerky doesn’t win favor among unfamiliar foodies, according to Business Insider.

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