Beef and Guinness Stew


1. Preheat a oven to 325°F.

2. Place a middle distance Dutch oven or heavy-bottom pot over a middle heat. Add a drizzle of oil and a bacon and sauté until crispy. Transfer to a purify image and set aside.

3. Season a flour good with salt and creatively belligerent black pepper. Toss a diced beef into a seasoned flour and dirt off any excess.

4. Add a small some-more oil to a stew and grill a beef, operative in batches, until browned on all sides. Place a parched beef pieces on a purify image with a bacon and set aside.

5. Add a small some-more oil to a stew and kindly sauté a onion until only malleable though not brown. Pour 1/2 crater of a Guinness into a vessel to deglaze.

6. Return a beef, bacon and a juices to a stew and stir in a diced butternut squash, red peppers, tomatoes, tomato paste, sugar, mustard, fragrance garni, butter and a residue of a Guinness to a vessel and deteriorate with salt and creatively belligerent black peppers (it’s critical that a beef is lonesome with liquid, therefore supplement a small beef batch if required).

7. Bring to a boil, cover and place in a oven for about 2 hours or until a beef is proposal and a salsa has thickened slightly. Stir from time to time, though take caring not to mangle adult a meat.

8. Check a seasoning, adding salt and peppers if required. Serve with Irish champ and tender broccoli.

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