BBQ Ranch Chicken Totchos

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It’s no tip that when it comes to game day snacks, nachos arrange among a many chosen and highly sought-after food groups.

And while, of course, we meant no disregard towards tortilla chips…we might have found something we like better. Enter a totcho. As we can substantially guess, it’s the same judgment as nachos, though with a tater kid base.

This recipe comes together in 5 mins interjection to store-bought rotisserie chicken, store-bought barbecue sauce, and solidified tots. Basically, it tastes like grill duck wings dipped in ranch, piled on tip of crispy potatoes. So, yeah, we need this in your life.

Watch a video above to see how we done it, afterwards follow a recipe next to make it for your Super Bowl guests.

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BBQ Ranch Chicken Totchos

Serves 6-8
1 28-oz. package thawed solidified tater tots
2 cups shredded rotisserie chicken
½ crater grill sauce
2 tsp. plantation seasoning
1 crater shredded cheddar cheese
1 crater shredded mozzarella cheese
3 scallions, sliced

Spread a tots in an even covering on a baking piece lined with foil. Broil on high on a tip shelve of a oven until somewhat crisp, 1-2 minutes. Meanwhile, brew chicken, barbecue sauce, and plantation seasoning in a vast bowl. Remove tots from oven and tip with duck reduction afterwards a cheeses. Return to appliance for another 2-3 minutes. Transfer to cooling rack and tip with scallions.

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