Baller Stones Throw and SPQR Dinners, and More AM Intel

The subsequent dual Stones Throw Eat Like a Chef, Drink Like a Somm dinners

Stones Throw is continuing a monthly Eat Like a Chef, Drink Like a Somm cooking series, this time with Jardinière on Monday, Mar 27 and Mourad on Monday, Apr 24. The restaurants group adult during Stones Throw to prepare a cooking benefitting Meals on Wheels SF. It’s a fourth year of a series, and final year’s dinners lifted over $30,000 for Old Skool Cafe. You can squeeze tickets to a $60, five-course dusk here for Jardinière and here for Mourad.

Attend an SPQR-branded caviar dinner

Fun fact about Fillmore Italian buttress SPQR that we competence not have known: chef/owner Matt Accarrino harvests and produces his possess sturgeon caviar for a restaurant, and beyond. Accarrino will be featuring a luxe product in a four-course $98 prix fixe cooking (or a la carte) during SPQR on Wednesday, Mar 1 by Saturday, Mar 11. The dishes embody “chips and dip” or smoked sturgeon salad with skin chips, angelica caper, and dusty Napa Valley herbs; smoked sturgeon with potato gnocchi, pea pesto, and Sicilian pignoli; pancetta and black garlic wrapped sturgeon with smoked potato, California asparagus, and mushroom.

Short-staffed? There’s an app for that

There’s been a lot of speak in a final integrate of years about a labor necessity in San Francisco, with restaurants struggling to find peculiarity employees. Because this is a Bay Area, there’s now an on-demand labor app to contend with that problem. Called Pared, it’s of march labeled “the Uber of a grill practice industry,” a Chronicle reports. Read all about a use here.

Get prepared for Bay Area grocerants

San Francisco already has some-more quick infrequent restaurants than seemed probable only a few years ago, so it doesn’t feel like a widen to contend that grocerants competence be next. What’s a grocerant, we ask? Head on over to this feature on to learn all about them.

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