Baked with Love: Hospice binds Valentine cookie project

Journal print by Adranisha StephensHospice and village volunteers container cookies for annual Valentines Day Cookie Project event.

Journal print by Adranisha Stephens
Hospice and village volunteers container cookies for annual Valentines Day Cookie Project event.


MARTINSBURG–On Tuesday, a multipurpose room of Hospice of a Panhandle’s Martinsburg plcae was remade into a sweet-smelling “factory,” where village and Hospice volunteers finished some-more than 400 boxes of cookies.

Smiling as she watched volunteers delicately box adult goodies, Hospice proffer coordinator Tricia Lawrence pronounced 1,500 dozen cookies — about 18,000 cookies in sum — had already been collected by volunteers. They will be delivered to a accumulation of physicians, wake homes and other health caring providers in Berkeley, Jefferson, Morgan and Hampshire counties today.

Lawrence pronounced for some-more than 30 years, Hospice of a Panhandle volunteers have helped with this special annual labor of adore – a Valentine’s Day Cookie Project.

“We have been doing this a prolonged time, given 1980,” Lawrence said. “It started out since we unequivocally wanted to give behind to a community.

We used to usually have usually around 5 to 10 boxes. Now, it has only grown so much.”

First, a bakers – including many internal churches and other village members – yield a baked goods. Volunteers afterwards form an public line and are obliged for folding splendid pinkish boxes and make-up them full with about 4 dozen cookies, she said.

“This is unequivocally driven by a community,” Lawrence said. “We send a minute out any year to all of a churches in a area and we also have a flattering clever village bottom that volunteers for us. Anybody can move any kind of cookies or provide with any kind of pattern that they want. We have so many delicious, homemade cookies here, and we consider a many we see are a chocolate chip ones. we like to put a integrate of a unequivocally pretty, flashy ones on tip since it looks so nice.”

Lawrence concurred a measureless volume of proffer work that has assistance a plan enhance any year, from baking and fighting a cookies to delivering them over 4 counties.

“I have participated in this for a final 15 years and it’s been amazing,” Lawrence said. “I like make-up day a best. It’s a event to work together and unequivocally give back– to a doctors, a pharmacies, a wake homes– to a people that support us. we only like being means to contend appreciate you. We unequivocally have an implausible organisation of volunteers. Our staff is happy and everybody in a village is happy when we stop by. we consider everybody loves this plan and is unequivocally invested in it.”

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