Baked Four-Bean Casserole

This initial ran a integrate of years ago. we am intrigue as we am only returning from vacation, though we suspicion it was timely as barbeque deteriorate is here. Dena has also upheld on to me her family baked-bean recipe, so we will put that in subsequent week.

Since Jul 4th is only around a dilemma (can we trust it?), we suspicion we would share this recipe. Guaranteed to make we demeanour like a good cook.

It is from a Lincoln Heights Garden Club in Spokane. My recipe card, typed laboriously so that no mistakes were made, is discolored and stained. we value it.

1 can kidney beans

1 can immature lima bean

1 can Van Camp Pork n Beans

1 can S W Beans

1# sausage-browned

1 tiny can dejected pineapple

1 med onion-chopped

1 tender apple, diced

½ c. molasses

½ c. catchup

1 Tbs lemon juice

Mix well-turn into baking plate (I use a 9 x 11 pan). Serves 12 amply. Very good and really unusual. Bake 2 hours @ 300 degrees.

My notes—and we know this would be a initial question, no, one does NOT empty any of a cans. we buy a vast can of pig and beans (any brand) and a vast can of baked beans (in lieu of S W beans). we customarily use Jimmy Dean sausage, though we don’t trust it’s vicious to a recipe. Drain good after browning a sausage, (as many of us would). The vessel will be full. we bake a compulsory dual hours, afterwards send it to a crock pot to keep warm. In my opinion, it needs a baked season (like a baked potato contra a microwaved potato). It is a pleasant brew of flavors that people always ask “who brought a baked beans”.


(I will be looking for collect recipes to share in a Harvest territory a final week in Jul with maybe stories from those who had to prepare for Harvest.)

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