Bacon Fest 2018 during Fraze Pavilion: Dishes we can’t wait to try

If we adore bacon, this eventuality will blow your mind and your tastebuds.

The a sixth annual Bacon Fest is set for 3 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 18 during Fraze Pavilion, 695 Lincoln Park Boulevard, Kettering. 

The eventuality hurdles restaurants to yield innovative and tried-and-true recipes featuring bacon. A dozen restaurants will attend in this year’s festival. 

We’ve been study a menus to map out a eating strategy. These 3 dishes have us forgetful happy bacon dreams. 

Bacon Fest is roughly here, and people are REALLY vehement about it


 1776 Grill

• Bacon pressed garlic toast grilled cheese, $6 

• Garlic Toast Grilled Cheese (GTGC), $3 

• Assorted chips, $1


This bacon pressed garlic toast grilled cheese will be on a menu during Bacon Fest 2018 during a 1776 Grill. SOURCE: … review more


Sweet-Umms Chocolatier

• Chocolate lonesome bacon, $3 each

• Strawberry Bacon Dream Cake, $6


Chocolate-covered bacon from Sweet-Umms Chocolatier will be accessible once again during Bacon Fest 2018. SOURCE: SWEET-UMMS FACEBOOK

Contributing Writer

Contributing Writer

Chocolate or White Chocolate Covered Bacon and Sweet Potato Bacon Dream Cake was served by Sweet-Umms Chocolatier during Bacon Fest 2017 … review more

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El Meson

• Chicken or beef and bacon nachos: homemade corn chips smothered with shredded chicken, bacon, caramelized onion, salsa and queso blanco, $7

• Bacon Burger Bomb Empanadas: filled with bacon, beef, cheese and potato, $4 

• Cracked Out Tot-Chos: with bacon, queso blanco, shredded cheese and salsa, $7

• Chicken and bacon bowls: chicken, Rice, beans, lettuce, immature cream, cheese and salsa,  $8

• Chicken taco: lettuce, rice, cheese, immature cream and salsa, $4 any or  dual for $7

• Fish taco: mango salsa, immature cream and bacon, $5 any or dual for $9

• Arepa: honeyed corn cakes with melted cheese and bacon, $6

• Bacon guacamole and chips,  $7

• Bourbon bacon brittle, $5

• Churros, three for $5 or 3 for $7 with bacon 


🥓Amber Rose Restaurant and Catering

• Bacon Cheddar Pierogies, 2 for $4

• White cheddar Applewood smoked bacon Mac cheese, $4

• Applewood smoked bacon cheddar French fries, $6 Large 

• Jalapeno bacon carnitas nachos, $8


🥓 Archer’s Tavern

• Bacon wrapped chili prohibited dogs (with cheese and onions), $6

• Bacon wrapped peanut butter and preserve prohibited dogs, $6

• Bacon wrapped prohibited dogs, $3


🥓Basil’s On Market in Dayton 

• Bacon and smoked Gouda mac and cheese, $5

• Pulled pig tacos with bacon slaw, $5 each

• Buffalo wings, $5 for six

• BBQ corn on a cob,  $3


🥓Basil’s on Market  in Troy

Corn on cobb with bacon garlic butter,  $3

• Smothered bacon and Gouda French fries, $5

•”Top Dog” prohibited dog installed with bacon and cheese salsa with chips,  $5

• Garlic Parm Wings, $5 for six


🥓 Dewberry 1850 

• Bacon Pound Cake: citrus bacon bruise cake, bacon tomato jam, $3

• “Chicken Waffles”: waffle fries, Cotswold cheese fondue, shredded duck and crumbled smoked bacon, $3

• Country immature beans: sautéed immature beans, red onions smoked bacon, $2


🥓 The Dock Food and Spirits

• Bacon wrapped crab balls with lobster sherry sauce

• Salmon BLT taco with smoked bacon Aioli

• Cheesy Bacon Fries

•Bacon cheesecake with chocolate ganache

🥓 Duck Donuts

• Maple Glazed Bacon Donuts

🥓Giovanni’s Fairborn

• Meatlover’s Pizza, $5 

• Bacon meatball burger, $5

• Loaded bacon roasted potatoes, $4
• Garlic Parmesan corn on a cob,  $3
• Strawberry Cannoli cone,  $4
• Bacon lasagna, $4


🥓Marion’s Piazza

• Bacon pizza slice, $3

• Whole pies accessible to go for $15


🥓Ritter’s Frozen Custard in Kettering

• Five opposite Sundaes and 4 opposite Gelato options, $5 each

• Small plate of solidified custard or Italian ice, $3 each

• Sweetened Bacon Bits can be combined to any item.



What: Bacon Fest 2018 

When: 3 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 18 

Where: Fraze Pavilion, 695 Lincoln Park Blvd., Kettering

Cost: Admission is free 

More info: FacebookWebsite 


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