Attention, Pizza Lovers: Feast Your Eyes on This Massive 2-Foot …

A New York pizzeria is going large with a two-foot-long cut of pizza.

The slice, that can feed a tiny family, goes for $10 during Pizza Barn in Yonkers, a area establishment that has been around given 1975.

The “Super Slice” is no doubt a swell filler on a own, though those who are truly dauntless can take things adult a nick with a pizza shop’s artistic toppings.

The menu includes a cheeseburger and fries slice, that is literally surfaced with fries, and a duck bacon plantation cut along with some some-more classical options, including pepperoni, bacon and Hawaiian.

Want to get your hands on one of these hulk slices? Be prepared to wait on line.

“Due to a strenuous recognition of a #superslice, there can be a longer than approaching wait for your order,” Pizza Barn posted on a website.

The grill also advises business to get in line by 8 p.m. to equivocate being incited away.

Do we consider we can hoop a Super Slice?

See next for photos.

To applaud National Pizza Day, Lauren Scala headed to 3 of a city’s newest pizza shops.

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