Asbury Park gets ambience of Chicago with Whitney – The Triangle

Julien Ehrlich plays drums and sings for Whitney, who played during Union Transfer progressing in a year in May. (Photograph by Shane O’Connor for The Triangle)

Aug. 10 was a ideal night for a Whitney unison in Asbury Park, New Jersey. The heat was usually right and a light on Deal Lake was zero brief of breathtaking. With a mood so right, one could roughly feel a captivating lift in a atmosphere entrance from a House of Independents (not to be confused with a Stone Pony, where Switchfoot and Lifehouse were personification that night).

Whitney and Sam Evian assimilated army to put on a rootin’-tootin’ uncover during a House of Independents that dusk that left everybody in a bar feeling satisfied. Whitney are still on debate in support of their acclaimed entrance record, “Light Upon The Lake,” that was expelled final year. They have done their rounds a integrate times though people keep entrance out to see them since they put on a ruin of a live uncover and it never gets stale.

After saying Whitney 5 times, we start to expect certain things in their set. With usually 10 strange songs expelled to their name, we flattering most know what you’re going to get. For example, they always extend a instrumental “Red Moon,” they do rope introductions before “On My Own,” they tighten a set out (pre-encore) with “Follow” and they’ll always tighten a night out with “No Woman.” Their cover of NRBQ’s 1972 strain “Magnet” is also a given.

However, Whitney always manages to lift out a warn or two. At their Union Transfer uncover behind in May, it was an unpretentious cover of a Golden Girls thesis song. During their Lollapalooza set, it was Joey Purp’s freestyle rapping over “Red Moon” as good as fibre accompaniment on their final few songs. This time, they pulled out a new cover: Neil Young’s “On a Way Home.” I’m not a biggest Neil Young fan, though a cover was good and fun; Whitney can do no wrong.

Another perk of saying probably a same live set over and over again is that with any show, we start to notice small intricacies that make a uncover so praiseworthy. For instance, their gloomy number, “Light Upon The Lake,” has never strike me as tough as it did during this show. Lead thespian Julien Ehrlich has pronounced that it’s a “toughest partial of a set to get through,” though it’s turn one of a best tools of a set for me. It might not be a banger, a crack or even a jammy jam, though it does seem to captivate a certain calm in a air, bringing everybody together in a common pondering state.

There is no denying that Ehrlich is one bad mom jama when he tears into those drums on “Red Moon.” Whitney’s strain is mostly chill and melancholy, so Ehrlich’s bravery is hugely understated. He unequivocally lets lax during this strain in concert, however, showcasing his talent with some-more drum fills than a reasonable chairman can keep lane of.

Another reason we keep entrance behind to see these guys is that we usually can’t get adequate of their new strain “Rolling Blackout,” that has nonetheless to be expelled in any capacity. It’s a genuine delayed burner, though it’s already turn a favorite of mine. In Ehrlich’s possess words, a strain is about basin (“And we yield divided / Through a front doorway / In a summer storm,” he sings in a initial verse). we am over vehement to hear this and whatever else a boys are cooking adult in a studio. Whitney’s subsequent recover is about to be so good.

The father of keyboardist Malcolm Brown happened to be in a assembly on this sold evening, station right behind me. He seemed like he was carrying a good time.

I’ve never been to a House of Independents before, or even Asbury Park for that matter. That being said, a venue was usually right for a Whitney show. The bar was small- to mid-sized (think Union Transfer), with a good patio in a back. The throng was usually a right volume of drunk, singing aloud and dancing along to each strain (as we should). What I’m perplexing to contend is it was value a one and a half hour expostulate adult there.

If you’re not informed with Whitney, we should listen to them. If you’re already a fan, we should check out their poppin’ merch store (I possess some-more pieces of Whitney merch than we caring to admit). Treat yourself to a good slot t-shirt or a span of socks!

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