Apple is gifting flag-themed Watch bands to Olympic athletes in Rio, trimming central sponsorship

Apple isn’t an central Olympics sponsor, though it’s managed to still take advantage of a eventuality for a possess offered functions with limited-edition Apple Watch bands themed with nation dwindle designs. Not usually is it offered those watch bands for 14 opposite nation flags to coincide with a Olympics this month, it’s also reportedly giving them divided for giveaway to athletes at its Apple Store in Rio (via

Citing a firsthand comment from a group manager for Germany, iphone-ticker notes a Apple Store is giving divided dual giveaway bands to accredited Olympic athletes, effectively permitting it to marketplace a product during a games but an central sponsorship of athletes or a games itself. Athletes can get a dual giveaway bands by a VillageMall Apple Store in Rio after display explanation of being an Olympian, according to a report. The bands routinely sell for $49 US $99 US each. 

Apple’s biggest competitor, Samsung, has prolonged been a unite of a games and many Olympic athletes. In a past a association has reportedly requested a athletes cover Apple logos as a requirement of sponsorship. This year Samsung unveiled a Galaxy S7 corner “Olympics Games edition” as a central mobile phone unite of a games.

A news progressing this month from Reuters remarkable that Apple appears to not be violation any manners of a U.S. Olympic Committee by not including a Olympic rings trademark or any discuss of a “Olympics” on or alongside a bands.

“As prolonged as they do not use a Olympic logo, a Rio 2016 trademark or a look, there is no infringement,” pronounced Sylmara Multini, executive of chartering and sell for a Rio 2016 organizing committee.

The limited-edition, flag-themed Watch bands now sell usually through the Apple Store VillageMall in Rio approximately 6 miles from Olympics venues. Reuters reported a Brazil-themed models were “close to offered out” last week and some of a bands seem to have made their approach to eBay for multiples of $99 US they sell for from a Apple Store. 

Some third-party Apple Watch rope makers have also beheld a recognition of Apple’s limited-edition bands and started charity their own nation themed bands for sale.

In further to a themed Watch bands, Apple’s new “Human Family” Shot on iPhone campaign featuring producer Dr. Maya Angelou is pronounced to have launched to coincide with a Olympics this month.

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