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While we have Apple Pay for a iPhone, Google’s complement is called Android Pay. 

Android Pay launched on 11 Sep 2015 in a US and has been flourishing in upheld banks State-side given launch. The use launched in a UK on 18 May 2016, though other territories have nonetheless to get Android Pay.

Whether we are still watchful for Android Pay to arrive, or either we are in a UK and wondering how it works, here’s all we need to know about Android Pay.

Android Pay is a mobile wallet that can store your credit cards, withdraw cards, faithfulness cards, etc. If that sounds a lot like Google Wallet, it’s since Android Pay is a new Google Wallet (only it’s ostensible to be better, some-more convenient, and secure).

  1. Look for a Android Pay app on your phone. It is preloaded on several devices, though we can also simply download it from Google Play. It’s usually accessible in countries that support Android Pay, however.
  2. Add a credit or withdraw label within a app. If we already have a label in your Google account, we can supplement it to Android Pay by confirming a few details. If you’re adding a new label from any participating bank, snap a design around a app.
  3. That’s it. Simply clear your phone and daub to use Android Pay during any contactless remuneration terminal.

When Google initial denounced Android Pay, it pronounced we would be means to compensate for products by simply unlocking your Android phone like we routinely do (which also enables Android Pay to substantiate your transaction), afterwards fixation it nearby a merchant’s contactless terminal, and that’s it.

You don’t even need to open an app to routine a payment. It only lets we daub and go, and afterwards we accept a confirmation/transaction sum on your phone. Also, when we compensate during name retailers, your faithfulness points and offers will be auto-applied during checkout.

But let’s not forget Google is an promotion association that’s also in a business of creation partnerships with other companies. So, we competence also get special offers piped to your phone.

Android also offers a “Buy with Android Pay” symbol in apps, definition you’ll be means to daub a button and quickly checkout, rather than carrying to enter your credit label and shipping residence any time we make a purchase.

Apps like Chipotle, Domino’s, Dunkin Donuts, Etsy, Groupon, GrubHub, JackThreats, Lyft, and OpenTable support Android Pay in a US.

In a UK, apps including Fancy, Deliveroo, Kickstarter, JD Sports, Zara and some-more support in-app payment. Again, this creates things elementary to compensate and we should see this list of apps expanding over time.

On of a blank aspects of mobile payments has been browser payments. When an online store doesn’t have an app, we mostly have to login and block in your details, or use a use like PayPal. Although Google hasn’t pronounced much, it has mentioned that it will be relocating onto a mobile web by enabling payments by Chrome. This should make purchases from ad hoc stores most easier and easier.

There’s now no date on when this further will come, though we’d design an proclamation shortly.


Android Pay works with all NFC-enabled Android inclination regulating KitKat 4.4 and above.

It will work in any place that has a contactless remuneration depot and Google has pronounced that merchants don’t need to do anything additional to support Android Pay.

No, since not all Android inclination have a fingerprint scanner. Android Pay also accepts a PIN code, password, or settlement in sequence to substantiate a transaction.

Android Pay works with your credit and withdraw cards from a following US financial institutions: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. These cards are released by a following US banks and credit unions: American Express, Bank of America, Discover, Navy Federal Credit Union, PNC, Regions Bank, USAA, US Bank, Citi, Wells Fargo, and Capital One.

Android Pay works with your credit and withdraw cards from a following UK financial institutions: Visa and MasterCard cards are supported. These financial institutions support Android Pay in a UK: Bank of Scotland, First Direct, Halifax, HSBC, Lloyds Bank, MS Bank, MBNA, Nationwide Building Society, Natwest, Santander and Ulster Bank.

Google has reliable it is always operative with new partners to enhance a operation of upheld banks.


Simply put: we can use Android Pay anywhere we can use Apple Pay (or any place with a contactless terminal). Google pronounced it works opposite 1 million US locations, including everywhere tap-and-pay payments are accepted, such as:

Google’s Android Pay website has a list of stores – and it includes Best Buy, Game Stop, McDonald’s Petco, etc.

In a UK it’s a identical story. With a timeless contactless remuneration system, Android Pay will be widely upheld during most locations with over half a million on a list.

Theoretically, yes.

Google pronounced it was operative with heading remuneration networks and financial institutions in a US to broach industry-standard confidence tokenisation. With tokenisation, a tradesman receives a newly-generated, 16-digit practical series instead of your tangible comment number. So, should there be another vital credit label information crack during a retailer, you’ll during slightest know your label is safe.

Android Pay’s tokenisation is opposite from Apple Pay’s in that tokens aren’t generated in a secure chip within a phone though rather within a cloud. But if you’re ever in a place but internet, Android Pay will apparently still be means to entrance some tokens that are stored on your device, so permitting we to compensate for your products and be on your happy way. Simples.

Android Pay is already accessible in a US. You can download it from Google Play. It will also come preinstalled on new NFC-enabled Android phones from ATT, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless.

Android Pay is accessible in a UK. Again, it can vibe downloaded from Google Play and as prolonged as we have a concordant bank, you’ll be means to compensate divided regulating your Android device.

Check out Google’s Android Pay website for some-more details.

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