AJ Bombers will offer the Big Boy burger all summer long

Last week, we embarked on an epic ambience test: Who has a best Big Boy-inspired burger—AJ Bombers, Coach’s, or McDonald’s? The exam was desirous by AJ Bombers’ limited-time tribute to a classical double-patty, triple-bun, tip sauce-slathered burger. But it looks like we needn’t have rushed. Today, AJ Bombers has announced it will keep a Big Boy burger—now dubbed “The Tribute”—on a menu all summer long.

“We knew Milwaukeeans desired Marc’s Big Boy and a extensive burger, and it’s been sparkling to move those flavors to a new era of Big Boy fans,” says David Marcus, CEO of Marcus Investments, a primogenitor association of AJ Bombers, in a press release. “We’ve seen people come in regularly (some even mixed times a day), and we sole roughly 1,500 burgers in only one week. AJ Bombers has always been a grill that proudly gives a business what they’re seeking for…and they’ve positively spoken!”

Hell yeah we’ve spoken. The Tribute—which facilities dual quarter-pound crushed patties, American cheese, shredded iceberg lettuce, “special B. Boy sauce,” and a sesame seed bun—can be found during AJ Bombers’ downtown plcae (1247 N. Water St.) and a Wauwatosa plcae (11340 W. Burleigh Ave.)

And for a record, it was a tighten tie between AJ Bombers and Coach’s. Here’s what we pronounced about a newly dubbed Tribute:

Price: $10

Appearance: This is a excellent looking burger, a work of art that towers high into space and most begs to be hold aloft by Big Boy himself. The patties are finished to perfection, and a sesame seed bun is feathery and inviting. Oh ruin yes.

Taste: This is a excellent tasting burger, too. Per AJ Bombers’ common fare, a patties are positively terrific. The lettuce and a tip salsa aren’t too overpowering, that is good news for those of us who can’t utterly hoop an untouched Big Boy high. This is a damn good burger. Get it before it disappears Apr 14!

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