After 7 days of ‘Looking for Lola,’ blank dog found safe


A dog blank for a week was found in Sioux Falls.


The owners of a dog blank in Sioux Falls for scarcely a week says she’s overwhelmed and shamed by a support of a village that helped move her behind safely.

Mandy Klinkhammer was visiting her relatives in Sioux Falls on Christmas Eve when her boxer Lola ran out of a garage, environment off a raging hunt to find a 1-year-old dog during a wintry South Dakota winter.

A Facebook organisation sprung adult a few days later, called “Looking for Lola.” By New Year’s Eve it had over 6,000 members coordinating hunt parties and pity sightings.

“When we know we have a whole city’s support … there’s no difference we can contend to demonstrate how beholden we am to any and each person,” Klinkhammer said.

“Anyone who doubts amiability or doubts that people care, demeanour during this situation.”

Local businesses threw their support behind a bid as well, donating palm warmers, coffee and donuts to those searching.

But above all, Klinkhammer said, she felt boundless involvement in her search.

“I wish to make certain God gets all a credit,” she said. “All a support in a village was an answer to a prayers.”

The night before she ran off, Klinkhammer had a remarkable feeling that Lola indispensable a cloak for her stay in a garage — and a usually one during Target was splendid red. Without it, Klinkhammer said, she would have been most harder to spot.

On Sunday morning, searchers were laying out a devise for a day — there hadn’t been a sighting of Lola in a while, and they discussed acid a city’s culvert system.

Then they perceived several phone calls, all in discerning succession, that led them to a probable sighting during Ronning Estates.


Animal control led Klinkhammer and her daughter to a mark — and there was Lola, huddled underneath a tree.

“She didn’t demeanour like she was moving,” Klinkhammer said. “But afterwards she looked during us and seemed disoriented.”

Following tips they’d review online, they pulled out their ace in a hole — a bucket of rotisserie chicken. They simulated to eat it, throwing it around them as they did.

Lola solemnly got adult and changed toward them, though looked like she was starting to veer away.

And so Klinkhammer and her daughter got down on a ground, and started to pray.

It’s something they do each night — and each night Lola is invited to join in as they recite Psalm 91. Her ears perk up, Klinkhammer said, since she knows it’s time for bed.

And as they prayed, Klinkhammer said, Lola came right behind toward them, sniffing their faces and wagging her tail.

And, shortly afterward, eating half a bucket of rotisserie chicken.

Klinkhammer pronounced a veterinarian has checked out Lola, and for what she’s been by — including scarcely 5 inches of layer and temperatures descending to reduction 18 degrees — Lola looks great.

She was jolt severely, and her paws have been roughed up, though there are no signs of frostbite — and that splendid red coat, that fit her ideally a week ago, was scarcely descending off her physique after losing 10 pounds.

“The whole time she was gone, we had faith that God would keep her safe,” Klinkhammer said. “And a prayers were answered.”

And now Klinkhammer and her family will be means to conduct behind to Omaha and ring in a new year. They’ll be safe, they’ll be comfortable and they’ll be spoiling Lola rotten.

“I’ve been great many, many tears over a past 7 days,” Klinkhammer said. “Today we got to cry tears of joy.”

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