After 50 years of flipping onion burgers, this El Reno caf� owners had some stories to tell

EL RENO, OKLAHOMA — He knows accurately how many burgers will fit on this griddle surface.

“34,” he states with confidence.

Marty Hall can tell we all about what it takes to run Sid’s Diner, all 860 block feet and 32 seats of it.

“Its aged school. It’s an aged propagandize diner,” he says.

But other numbers have prolonged given transient Hall’s comprehension.

The large one, he does know, is ’50’, 50 years of slingin’ crush and caf� cooking.

Hall explains, “It’s unequivocally fulfilling to me to be means to repair something and give it to somebody to eat, and they suffer it.”

Marty got his initial pursuit during a aged Johnnie’s burger dilemma in El Reno.

He was a 13 -year-old dishwasher and veteran onion peeler on his really initial day.

“Boy. It was rough,” he recalls. “About 25 pounds of onions and we was crying.”

Marty did all right for himself in a burger business.

He owned a Dairy Hut around a corner, afterwards built this caf� in 1989 and watched it turn a inhabitant landmark.

“It seems like a universe is preoccupied with Route 66,” he says.

The onion burger is a star though Marty helped get it there.

TV shows from each network done pilgrimages.

We done a possess outing there behind in 1996.

So did food and transport writers over a years.

Marty and Carolyn welcomed each one.

“Galen,” he says. “It’s a people we meet. There’s a million stories out there.”

After a half-century of conference stories from behind a counter, Carolyn told Marty to write some of his.

The outcome is a whole book of them called, ‘A Burger Boy on Route 66’.

Fortunately for us, and each inspired chairman out there, Marty and Carolyn still kind of like it around here even 50 years later.

He says, “I wouldn’t trade a minute.”

Hall named his caf� Sid’s to respect his father who upheld divided only before he non-stop in 1989.

Sid’s is open 7:00am to 8:00pm each day.

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