Abilene-area Girl Scouts make their box for cookies

Boxing Day had come and gone. Or so we thought.

On Saturday morning, with a object wrongly perplexing to feverishness temperatures in a 30s, cases and cases of Girl Scout cookies were wheeled to vehicles, mostly minivans and SUVs, in a Westgate Towne Centre parking lot.

It was Cookies Now! day.

The smoothness meant a start of cookie sales, with some Scouts already formulation to start offered their subsidy of 12 cases — 3  Thin Mints, dual Carmel deLites and S’mores and one any of Shortbread, Lemonades, Thanks-a-lot, Peanut Butter Sandwich and Peanut Butter Patties. S’mores debuted in 2017 and was such a hit, a cookie formed on a campfire favorite is back.

One mom pronounced her father already had designated a whole cases of Lemonades as his own. A box costs $48, or $4 per box.

Another mom pronounced that equates to one box a month, if swelling out expenditure is your dietary goal.

And if we cite gluten-free cookies, Trios are coming. 

Sales are underneath way, and go by a finish of February. 

Somewhere in a area of 50,000 boxes were distributed, with men-types on palm to circle out dollies contained a 12 cases. It wasn’t complicated lifting though puffs of exhale were manifest during trips to and from vehicles.

Nearby, a Mayflower lorry was parked, a cookie bucket unloaded during a day and taken by forklift to a pickup area.

The eventuality valid to be a print op for some moms. 

Scouts, ages 5 to 18, are members of Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains, that series about 28,000.


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