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Fancy a two-hour sesh with a large vat of peanut butter? Well, come Friday Nov 24, we can live that dream. Forget cheese fondue, a peanut butter fondue emporium is popping adult for dual days in Old Street. It’s a pre-Christmas miracle.

The brainchild of healthy food code Whole Earth (loved by middle-class parents everywhere), a fondue bar will offer honeyed and delectable options, including strange peanut butter and an intriguing sounding chocolate peanut butter. Tickets are a bargainous £4.99 and pledge we 120 mins of uninterrupted, all-you-can-eat peanut butter dipping. We are tempted to just lick it from a pot.

The peanut butter fondue bar will be popping adult from Nov 24-25 during Perseverance Works, 25-27 Hackney Rd, E2 8DD.

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