A "naughty" indulgence: 10 flavors of cookie mix during Marc’s CheeseCake in Glen Rock

As a name implies, Marc’s CheeseCake in Glen Rock is a cheesecake shop, though house-made ice cream is also sole there. “Sinfully good cheesecake and ice cream,” its website declares. As of final week, owner Marc Silverberg has thrown cookie mix into a mix — 10 opposite flavors of cookie dough. Among a flavors offered: spirit batter, birthday cake, lemon shortbread, pickled caramel, unicorn, cinnamon bunz, peanut butter and Nutella latte. The cookie mix “is not meant for baking,” Silverberg pronounced — it’s meant for eating. “You can’t get ill unless we eat too most of it,” he said. The raw, egg-free dough done with heat-treated flour to kill any bacteria is, he said, served as ice cream is served– in cones, cups, sundaes, whoopie pies…  He even makes cupcakes filled and frosted with cookie dough. Why cookie dough? “I always contend that Glen Rock is ruled by people who are 4’3″,” he quipped. “Kids order a town.” He means that in a good way. And kids, he noted, adore cookie dough, as do their parents. “It’s an indulgence.,” one that “almost feels naughty,” Silverberg said. “How many of us were told by a mothers not to eat a cookie mix ’cause we were going to get sick?” $3.50 for a 4-ounce crater during Marc’s CheeseCake, 251 Rock Road, Glen Rock 201-857-0880; .marcscheesecake.com.

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