A Man Named Bruce Wayne Has Eaten Chipotle for 428 Consecutive Days

Holy guacamole, Batman.

Photo: Chipotle

Like copiousness of inspired people, Ohio proprietor Bruce Wayne unremarkably consumed one of Chipotle’s $3 “Booritos” for cooking on Oct 30, 2016. Unlike literally any other tellurian on a planet, though, not usually did Wayne lapse again a subsequent day, though he’s eaten a chain’s food every singular day since — adequate times to strictly set a universe record for longest uninterrupted streak.

December 30 was his 426th day in a row. The final record holder–slash–crazy chairman to do this had somehow managed to sequence one Chipotle entrée for 425 days straight. After Chipotle announced a new plcae in his hometown of Tiffin, Wayne — who’s honest-to-God initial name is Bruce — “conducted research” on a stream record. He didn’t hear a series 425 and go, “Hard pass,” and has documented his tour by posting any dish (with explanation in a form of that day’s receipt) on his personal Instagram account, @mrwaynethebat. Based on a account’s name and a series of burrito and Batman posts, nobody can contend that Wayne fails to make a many of things in front of him.

Chipotle presumably schooled of Wayne’s query a while back, and a association noted a miracle by arising an central press release. It records that while a year and dual months of burrito bowls and tacos “might not be everybody’s New Year’s Resolution for 2018,” a fact that Wayne stranded with it this prolonged “certainly shows that a menu of genuine and uninformed mixture offers something for everybody — even superheroes.” The sequence also presented Wayne with his possess “custom-made Chipotle superhero garment and cufflinks — a curtsy to his adore of both Batman and burritos.”

He’s still Instagramming photos of dishes even now that it’s 2018, and according to a presser, Chipotle’s new walking PR bullion cave has “no evident skeleton to stop.”

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