A List Of Things we Still Have To Do In Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

“Increase my Stamina Wheel” is not on this list.

According to my Nintendo Switch, I’ve put some-more than 125 hours into The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild. I’ve defeated Ganon, of course. I’ve also taken down an army of monsters, finished a garland of tabernacle puzzles, and found a ton of Korok seeds. There’s still so many to do.

Like a lot of people, we took a mangle from Breath of a Wild after Nintendo minute a game’s initial downloadable expansion, that comes out subsequent week on Jun 30. It’s called The Master Trials, and it adds a few new challenges for Link, some new gear, and a new problem level. we am vehement about all of that stuff, and we wish to save some of a diversion for it. I’d been happily eating chips and dip, customarily to learn that a server would be bringing a juicy new accumulation of drop in 30 minutes. we don’t wish to eat all a chips before a new drop arrives, or we won’t have anything to put a drop on.

In expectation of a expansion, I’ve left behind into my Zelda diversion to check my to-do list.

Here’s what we have left to do in Breath Of The Wild:

  • 34 side quests. we have roughly half of a 76 probable side quests still to complete. we know a side quests in Breath of a Wild aren’t accurately The Witcher 3 material, though we still like doing them. Yes, even a ones where we have to move a specific arms to a specific person.
  • 10 tabernacle quests. I’ve solved 32 tabernacle quests, though still have 10 to go. Where are they? What do they involve? we have 3 of them in my query log, though a other 7 are a mystery.
  • 22 shrines. I’ve finished 98 of a 120 shrines in a game, that leaves 22 for me still to complete. we incited off my tabernacle detector a prolonged time ago, though we competence have to spin it on to find a final few.
  • 753 Korok Seeds. I’ve found 147 of a 900 Korok Seeds in a game, that feels like a lot and is indeed a hilariously small amount. This is a one thing we competence not be means to do on my own, even with a Korok Detector shawl that comes with a DLC. we adore anticipating a small dudes, though 753 is a large number. If we asked me to count to 753 right now, we wouldn’t wish to do it given it would take so long.
  • The immeasurable infancy of a Hyrule Compendium. we never unequivocally focused on stuffing out my Hyrule Compendium, and it’s substantially too late to start now. Is there a constrained reason to do this? we feel like there isn’t.
  • An intimidating series of armor upgrades. we spent one Apr weekend removing low into upgrading my armor, though was customarily means to finish a small series of a sum upgrades that my habit requires. we got my full Guardian Armor, Champion’s Tunic, Hylian Trousers, and Amber Earrings adult to 4 stars, though all else is 3 during best. Miles to go.
  • A garland some-more things from Fang and Bone. I’ve purchased several masks from Kilton, though still haven’t bought many of his unequivocally good stuff, including a waggish Dark Link outfit. we wish it so bad, and it’s so expensive. It will be mine. we also accumulate that Kilton has a query associated to minibosses, and we kind of wish to finish that.
  • The Desert Labyrinth. I’ve beaten a other two, and had a good time. The dried one has a roof, that creates it some-more difficult. It’s unequivocally customarily a matter of going there and not withdrawal until we finish.
  • I’m contemptible about a chips and drop analogy from before. I’ve been meditative about it given we wrote it, given it was flattering bad. we could have cut it and a essay would have been fine, though we left it in given I’m hungry. That’s no excuse, and we apologize.
  • Hateno Village. I’ve nonetheless to make any genuine swell assisting Hudson build Hateno Village. we unequivocally wish to make this one happen, so like a labyrinth, it’s customarily a matter of focusing on a query and reckoning out what a man needs.
  • Leviathan Bones…? we consider this query involves anticipating all of a big-ass skeletons sparse around Hyrule, and even consider I’ve found many of them on my own. But we indeed haven’t gotten a query nonetheless and don’t know where to get it. we customarily know that it exists given I’ve listened people speak about it. Also, whenever we consider about this quest, we start singing “Outside Bones” by Titus Andromedon.
  • Some arrange of coliseum? A commenter once told me there’s a playhouse somewhere. we accumulate it has Lynel in it. we consider we once saw a screenshot of it online. I’ve never been means to locate it, and have no genuine thought where it is. (Don’t tell me!)
  • Whatever is located here. There’s this ring of statues (I guess?) located in a dried nearby Gerudo Town:
Stephen tells me there’s something cold there and we haven’t had time to go check it out. Maybe this is a coliseum? One approach to find out.
  • Probably like 10 other things we don’t know about. I’ve taken good heedfulness to equivocate looking adult Breath of a Wild tips or spoilers, that means there are still secrets we don’t know about and locations we haven’t found. Whenever we play this game, we customarily breeze adult finding during slightest 3 or 4 cold things we hadn’t famous about. I’m certain that will occur copiousness some-more times.

As shortly as subsequent week’s DLC hits, I’ll dive behind in and start checking some-more equipment off my list. we like Breath of a Wild adequate that it’s trustworthy that I’ll indeed finish all by a finish of a year.


Okay, solely maybe a Korok Seeds.

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