A favorite Wichita burger grill closes after 60 years

After 60 years in business, The Annex Lounge – a renouned end for Wichita’s burger aficionados – has closed.

A pointer posted on a doorway of a grill during Harry and Woodlawn announces a shutting and appears to have been posted by owners Kimberly Prickett, who bought a grill in 2014. Starting during 9 a.m. Tuesday, an auction of The Annex Lounge’s essence will occur during a restaurant, that is during 6305 E. Harry.

The Annex Lounge creatively non-stop in 1958 and was desired by a fans for a greasy burgers and a retro interior, that still enclosed timber paneling, vinyl and Formica. Its shuffleboard list also was popular.

One of a best-known specialties was a Inside Out burger, done with excessively buttered, inverted buns. (Wichita Eagle Dining Panelist Philip Warren extolled a virtues in a 2015 review.)

Never skip a internal story.

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Just before Christmas, several panicked readers wrote me to scrutinise about a restaurant’s status. They’d visited during cooking time to find a grill sealed with for-rent signs posted outside. Reached during a restaurant, an worker pronounced The Annex Lounge had started shutting for a cooking hour since of delayed business though remained open for lunch.

I’ve sent messages to Prickett and will refurbish this post if we hear back.

Meanwhile, if we wish a square of a The Annex Lounge to remember it by, a auction will start during 9 a.m. on Tuesday and will embody a prolonged list of items, including tables and chairs, bar equipment, a karaoke machine, cruise tables and a bar’s trifle house table. You can see a full list of register on this Craigslist post.

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