A improved burrito

In Mexico, a “burrito” is a small burro, or small donkey.

In a San Juans, a burrito is a opposite form of delivery-vehicle. It is a car for Mexican flavors, typically involving beans of some sort, melted cheese, some salsa, or maybe immature chile, all swaddled in a flour tortilla.

We can disagree all day about a ideal burrito. “To speak about burritos is to assign down a highway lined with IEDs, each strike potentially a assign that is going to send we drifting into a ditch, each screeching bend potentially your last,” a food censor Jonathan Gold has written. “Tell me what kind of burrito we like and we will tell we who we are, yet tell me what kind of burrito we unequivocally consider we should like and we start looking for a subsequent shun track out of town.”

I’m not about to tell we what we should like, yet we am here to offer a single, flawless Burrito Truth (as against to Burrito Speciousness, or BS): A burrito is ostensible to be eaten out-of-hand. 

This sets it detached from enchiladas, another form of pressed tortilla, typically corn, that is customarily smothered in salsa of red or immature chile. 

And it brings us to a problem of burritos: nonetheless delicious, and meant (unless smothered) to be consumed on a go, they can be tear-jerking and oozy. All that fiery cheese, those tears beans, that increasingly slimy tortilla: Unless we are enjoying your provide during a table, napkin during a ready, how do we conduct it all?

I’ll tell we how we do it: we sequence it from a place that serves it loyal from a griddle. There is usually one place we know of in this segment that does this, and it has turn a favorite — such a favorite, in fact, that my father and we not usually try to pitch by whenever we’re in Montrose, we find ourselves withdrawal early adequate from Ridgway so we don’t skip it when it closes, and barreling loyal to Sunrise Burritos as shortly as we strike town. 

It’s easier to time it right than before. As a name implies, Sunrise Burritos — a kiosk in a parking lot of Camelot Gardens, during 16612 S. Townsend Ave. — used to be mostly a breakfast place. But in January, it stretched a hours, and now stays open until 2 p.m.

They offer one thing here, and they do it well. Burritos come filled with eggs, cheese, potatoes, bacon or sausage, and a choice of prohibited or amiable immature chile. 

That is it. That is all we need.

The burritos are prepared to sequence (and fast too) on a griddle, that formula not usually in a rarely unstable dish yet a pretty-much-ideal bite: crunchy, chewy, toasty extraneous giving approach to tawny cheese, black beans, shredded potato, pieces of scrambled egg, and hints of bacon or sausage.

Yes, hints: no singular season takes dominance here, nor does any one texture. You could contend all these ingredients, or a beef in red sauce, that is accessible as a lunch special commencement during noon, are merely a smoothness car for owners Levi Trembly’s loyal specialty: Hatch Green chile. He’s a local of New Mexico, who started Sunrise Burritos final summer simply because, as he explained to a Montrose Daily Press a year ago, he’d gotten sleepy of acid for breakfast options featuring prohibited immature chile.

“There is no devise for a grand opening,” a journal said.

There was no need for one. Twelve months on, a food still does a talking, with a small assistance from Sunrise’s customers. The grill — well, a kiosk — gets 5 out of 5 stars on Yelp, on Google and (as we competence expect) a Facebook page. As a Yelp reviewer put it: “Had a ‘half-and-half’ sausage burritos. The multiple of spicy-and-mild immature chiles, egg, sausage, cheese and potatoes was ideal … and a homie bending us adult even yet we were there 20 mins after closing! Will be behind many times!” 

Sunrise Burritos serves coffee as good as burritos, and can make a gluten-free choice (a burrito-in-a-bowl, served with corn tortillas). It is open Monday-Friday from 6:30 a.m.-2 p.m., and Saturday from 7:30 a.m.-noon.

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