800 Degrees Rebrands With New Rotisserie Meats and Sandwiches …

International wood-fired pizza sequence 800 Degrees is no more. Instead, tenure is pivoting to a new name that some-more closely aligns with a restaurant’s latest menu additions, job itself 800° Woodfired Kitchen.

The enlargement into a “woodfired kitchen” star means a pierce divided from quite only charity speed-cooked Neapolitan-style pizzas. 800 Degrees was among a initial in that now-crowded marketplace to emanate a tolerable business indication on crafting fast, made-to-order pies, though with augmenting foe from only about everywhere (including Lebron James, of all people), chef/partner Anthony Carron motionless to make a new move. The new 800° Woodfired Kitchen offers rotisserie chicken, porchetta, fry beef, and more, while also flourishing a bottom options like salads and sandwiches.

Interestingly enough, a fast-casual rotisserie marketplace is not but a possess competition already, quite in a Los Angeles market. There are places like Zankou, of course, as good as Wild Free in a Valley, The Mighty in Downtown, and a recently-shuttered Turningfire out in Eagle Rock.

The initial grill to be flipped underneath a new name is in Downtown along Wilshire Boulevard. Signage is now adult for 800° Woodfired Kitchen, and a interior has been reworked to supplement a required apparatus and sequence flow. All new locations relocating brazen will modify to 800° Woodfired Kitchen, while a LA-based association will work over time to flip their existent outlets to a new name and menu as well.

800 Woodfired Kitchen

Signage for a new plcae Downtown

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