8 Minute Meals: roasted duck lonesome in cranberry glaze

(WTNH) — The Healthy Living Expert Margaret Marshall creates a roasted duck surfaced with a cranberry glaze: a discerning and easy dish for a bustling time of year.


1 Whole Roasting Chicken
1 ½ cups of cranberry juice
1 whole onion
(To save time, we can squeeze a roasted duck in your grocery store.
Roasting one yourself will enclose reduction fat)

½ to 1 tsp of each:

½ hang butter

1 tbsp of flour
A handful of Walnuts

If roasting your possess chicken: Place whole, peeled onion in a form of duck to season beef as it cooks.
Simmer Cranberry extract and butter until it thickens and use ½ of it as a massage on duck along with salt and pepper.
Roast duck in oven and baste with juices during cooking time. Roast until inner heat is 165. (Cooking time depends on oven and distance of chicken)
**Skip this step if we purchased a pre-cooked rotisserie chicken.

In salsa vessel brew together:
The other ½ of reduced cranberry extract and butter
…until heated

Pour over baked duck and serve.

While duck roasts in oven we can bake honeyed potatoes during a same time, and fry asparagus; saving time and scheming a full meal.
**Discard onion from a form of chicken. It was usually used to season meat.

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