8 desserts we can’t skip in DC

The Riggsby’s pot spirit sundae. (Deb Lindsey/for The Washington Post)

There’s usually one excusable answer to a doubt that concludes any meal: “Would we like to see a dessert menu?”

Saying approbation to a punch of something honeyed after a illusory cooking is a culinary homogeneous of a station ovation. And if a entrees were reduction than great, a tour still ends on a high note. These finales are some of a favorites in Washington — selected for their exquisite season combinations and ability to prove a sweetened cravings. Some are old, some are new, some are normal and some are inventive.

One thing’s for certain: They’re all value saving room for.

Pot spirit sundae during the Riggsby

This image during cook Michael Schlow’s classical American grill is full of contrasts: The ice cream is cold while a beat — baked in a cast-iron pot — is bubbling hot; a hazelnut crisp is crunchy while a churned cream is fluffy; a dim chocolate pearls are turn while a toffee is in shards; and a sticky dim chocolate spirit is somewhat sour while a chocolate salsa is pristine sugar. Every part pulls your ambience buds in opposite directions, though it all adds adult to a splendidly offset dish. One some-more counterbalance to note: Though a name implies otherwise, a usually warn dark inside this spirit is a organisation hazelnut ganache. 1731 New Hampshire Ave. NW. 202-787-1500. $14. — Holley Simmons

The Smith Island cake during Old Maryland Grill. (Dixie D. Vereen/for The Washington Post)

Smith Island Cake during Old Maryland Grill

Smith Island, a final island in a Chesapeake Bay not connected to a mainland by a bridge, is home to fewer than 300 people and Maryland’s central state dessert, a Smith Island Cake. The origins of a soaring confection, famous for a away baked layers of yellow cake and chocolate frosting, are hazy, though it’s been served on Smith Island for centuries. The freshest chronicle in a Washington area is, reasonably enough, during a Old Maryland Grill in College Park, where a wet layers are distant by a rich, fudgey frosting. Chocolate ice cream is served on a side, though this chunk of cake is good adequate to mount on a own. 7777 Baltimore Ave., College Park. 301-955-3413. $11. — Fritz Hahn

The Turkish pleasure during Zaytinya. (Bill O‘Leary/The Washington Post)

Turkish pleasure during Zaytinya

This is not your standard rose-flavored gooey confection. A deconstructed dessert finished right, this artfully organised image harnesses Mediterranean flavors, carrying warranted a keep as a tack on José Andrés’s menu. Two orbs of walnut ice cream sprinkled with caramelized hunger nuts support a crispy fritter row on a image bordered with sour yogurt mousse and a bright, orange-caramel sauce. Tiny squares of sugar gelee broach a hardness of a dish’s namesake. It’s a steer to behold, though a best approach to indulge is to disorder it all adult so any punch includes any element. 701 Ninth St. NW. 202-638-0800. $4 mezze; $8 full portion. — Matt Brooks

The ube bread pudding with ube ice cream during Purple Patch. (Winyan Soo Hoo/for The Washington Post)

Ube bread pudding with ube ice cream during Purple Patch

Ube is a star of this dessert concocted by Purple Patch owners Patrice Cleary. Combining her Filipino and Irish backgrounds, a provide facilities a stretch bread pudding baked with granola and ube (pronounced “oo-beh”), a starchy berry also famous as a purple yam. The industriously colored part has a amiable and honeyed nuttiness, identical to a pistachio’s, though with a creaminess. A drizzle of abounding caramel builds on a pudding’s pleasant gooeyness, and a cold dip of splendid ube ice cream caps it all off. 3155 Mount Pleasant St. NW. 202-299-0022. $8. — Winyan Soo Hoo

The timberland gnocchi dessert during Ambar. (Winyan Soo Hoo/for The Washington Post)

Forest gnocchi during Ambar

The Balkan restaurant’s many renouned dessert isn’t indeed Balkan during all. Inspired by a cuisine’s different flavors, a timberland gnocchi underline a accumulation of reduction and textures: chocolate mousse, sour orange cake, belligerent chocolate, orange gelee, tarragon gnocchi and passion fruit foam, served in a cold mill bowl. The superb arrangement is short-lived, as a server comes by to overlay a reduction together after regulating a bell creamer to flow black-tea sauce. Arlington, 2901 Wilson Blvd. 703-875-9663. The District, 523 Eighth St. SE. 202-813-3039. $9. — W.S.

The chocolate panna cotta during All-Purpose Pizzeria. (Photo by Joe Goodman)

Chocolate panna cotta during All-Purpose

Panna cotta is a summary of Italian comfort food: a lush, stuffing custard that serves as a honeyed punctuation to a meal, even when you’re so full of carbs we can’t presumably have some-more than a bite. Or during slightest that’s what we think. At All-Purpose, you’ll substantially lick a play clean. The bottom comes from Buttercream Bakery’s Tiffany MacIsaac, who pronounced a decadent hardness and slight smokiness come from a custard “enriched with buttercream and laced with espresso.” The restaurant’s kitchen tops a custard off with a ricotta done with Luxardo cherry liqueur and splendid sprinkles. The whole cherries are value fighting your date for. 1250 Ninth St. NW. 202-849-6174. $9. — F.H.

The habanero peppers dessert during Kith and Kin. (Deb Lindsey /for The Washington Post)

Habanero peppers dessert during Kith and Kin

At Kith and Kin, cook Kwame Onwuachi’s jubilee of African and Caribbean cuisine, a colourful reds and oranges of these “peppers” unequivocally pop. Made with peppers called habanada, a defanged accumulation of habanero bred to discharge spiciness, a dessert looks like it’ll light adult a Scoville scale, though it’s indeed mellow and sweet. The baked habanadas are pureed with white grapes and sudachi — a Japanese citrus fruit — into a pointed mousse that’s lonesome with a painted white chocolate-gelatin glaze, deftly reproducing a pepper’s strange form. Set over a bed of spicy granita, it’s an comprehensive stunner. 801 Wharf St. SW. 202-878-8566. $11. — Gabe Hiatt

The Floating Island dessert during Convivial. (Holley Simmons/The Washington Post)

Floating Island during Convivial

The classical French image during Convivial is done with a round of meringue that’s steamed, not baked, that formula in a feathery — not crunchy — globe a distance of a baseball. Chef Cedric Maupillier rests a architecture atop a pool of crème anglaise overnight so that a abounding season can be engrossed throughout, afterwards covers it to-order with brown-sugar caramel. Topped with candied almonds for crunch, it looks like a dip of ice cream, though your ladle glides by it with no resistance. 801 O St. NW. 202-525-2870. $8. — H.S.

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