7 Deals That Will Make You Glad It’s National Pizza Day

Tuesday, Feb 9th outlines Fat Tuesday — or Mardi Gras — in 2016. That means that Wednesday, Feb 10th, is Ash Wednesday, that for many eremite Americans, outlines a initial of 40 days of Lenten sacrifice.

But that’s not all. Feb 9th also outlines National Pizza Day. If this was coincidence, it seems fortuitous. But if not, it’s a rather shining selling strategy.

According to aggregated tweets from 2014 and 2015 among Americans who tweeted about giving things adult for Lent, during both years, a series one difficulty was food. In 2014, pizza ranked 20th out of 100 items. In 2015, pizza ranked 19th.

So, if you’re formulation to give adult your favorite pizza for 40 days commencement Feb 10th — or if we only adore pizza — here are a few deals that will enthuse we to squeeze a cut on National Pizza Day:

  • Pilot Flying J locations are charity a giveaway cut with this coupon.
  • Papa Johns will give we 25% off an object with a following codes: 25OFF, JB25, 25VISA, and PEPSI25.
  • Papa Johns also offers vast pizzas during $9.99 Monday by Wednesday with this code: 999EWM.
  • Dominos offers a vast 3-topping pizza for $7.99 Monday by Thursday with this code: 9174 — though we have to sequence online and collect adult in store.
  • Also during Dominos, we can buy 2 middle 2-topping handmade vessel pizzas for $8.99 any with the code: 9204.
  • Pizza Hut offers a middle 3-topping pizza for $6 with the code: TEOMED3T6.
  • Also during Pizza Hut, the code “mp” will get we 2 middle pizzas for $6 each.

And a opposite franchises aren’t above fighting for your business…

Take this exchange, that began with a tweet from Pizza Hut:

A intensity patron responded:

And afterwards Papa John’s jumped in:

If you’re not in a mood for pizza, conduct over to Einstein Bros Bagels for a giveaway “bagel and schmear” with any purchase: it’s also National Bagel Day.

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