7 Athletes Who’ve Made Most of Their Money Outside of Sports …

A male in a business fit rises a barbell in a gym.

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It’s no tip that pro athletes can make millions on a personification margin or in a arena, though some sports stars keep hustling prolonged after their personification days are over. With a multiple of income from their sports careers, a celebrity that comes with being an chosen athlete, and a tough work and smarts that go into any successful business venture, athletes infrequently go on to make fortunes in industries outward of sports.

Here are a few former sports stars who have defied a trope of a pennyless late athlete.

Tim Horton fights for a puck opposite an opponent.

Image source: Tim Horton’s.

1. Tim Horton

You might usually know Tim Horton’s for a coffee and donuts, though Canadians are good wakeful their inhabitant fast-food sequence is named for hockey star Tim Horton. Horton played in a National Hockey League for 24 years, a immeasurable infancy of that he spent with a Toronto Maple Leafs. His life came to a comfortless finish in 1974 when he was killed in a automobile accident. He was 44 during a time though still personification with a Buffalo Sabres.

Horton co-founded a coffee sequence temperament his name in 1964, putting some of his possess inventions on a menu, and a sequence became a multimillion-dollar authorization in 1968. After Horton’s black death, his business partner Ron Joyce bought out his shares from his family for $1 million. At a time a sequence had 40 stores; currently it has grown to some-more than 4,000 locations around a world, and it’s one of 3 tellurian chains, along with Burger King and Popeye’s, that make up Restaurant Brands International (NYSE:QSR) a fast-food conglomerate that has a marketplace top of $30 billion today.

Magic Johnson Sports store in Los Angeles International Airport

Magic Johnson Sports store in Los Angeles International Airport. Image source: Magic Johnson Enterprises.

2. Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson might be best-known for his on-court necromancy and no-look passes while he led a “Showtime” Los Angeles Lakers of a 1980s, though a basketball fable has had an enviable second act in business. As a conduct of Magic Johnson Enterprises, Johnson oversees a association value some-more than $1 billion. He started with a film museum sequence and afterwards became a Starbucks franchisee with 125 stores before offered that business. Today, MJE has determining stakes in Equitrust, a financial services company; ASPiRE, an African-American TV network; and SodexoMAGIC, a food services provider.

Johnson is also a co-owner of a LA Dodgers, LA Sparks, and LA Galaxy.

pair of fighting gloves unresolved from a wire of a fighting ring

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3. Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather might not have done his income outward of sports, though he deserves a discuss here, as his financial success comes some-more from his business astuteness than from his quick fists. Mayweather pennyless a normal fighting indication when he didn’t sinecure an outward promoter, instead starting his possess graduation association nicknamed “The Money Team.” He even nicknamed himself “Money.”

As a result, Mayweather reaps all of a financial rewards of his fights — and with his knack for graduation and his skills in a ring, those rewards have been ample. Mayweather done an estimated $300 million from his Aug quarrel with Conor McGregor, including pay-per-view and embankment receipts, and a fighting champ has an estimated net worth of $450 million.

two pro wrestlers in wrestling ring

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4. Dwayne Johnson 

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson might have a many considerable record of success of any famous athlete. Johnson played football during a University of Miami, where his group won a 1991 inhabitant championship, and he quickly played for a Calgary Stampeders of a Canadian Football League. After his football career ended, Johnson rose to celebrity in World Wrestling Entertainment under a name “The Rock,” and he parlayed that into a Hollywood career with early roles in a Fast and a Furious franchise.

Today, Johnson is one of a highest-paid actors in Hollywood, and he owns Seven Bucks Productions with his business partner Dany Garcia.

American football sitting on football field

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5. John Elway  

Idolized in Colorado for heading a Broncos to dual Super Bowl victories, Elway continued to make millions prolonged after his football career ended. Even while he was quarterback, Elway owned a fibre of automobile dealerships that he sole to AutoNation in 1997 for $82.5 million. Today, a Hall-of-Famer once again owns several dealerships as good dual steakhouses, and he was a co-owner of a Arena Football group Colorado Crush until a joining dangling operations in 2009.

He has also returned to his roots with a Broncos, portion as a executive clamp boss of football operations, that puts him in assign of all football-related decisions.

side shot of male holding basketball in one hand

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6. Shaquille O’Neal

Best famous for his beast dunks and 1,000-watt smile, NBA Hall-of-Famer Shaq has done many investments opposite of a accumulation of businesses. Shaq invested in Alphabet (formerly famous as Google) batch before a IPO. He has owned full or prejudiced stakes in 17 Auntie Anne’s pretzel shops, 155 Five Guys restaurants, 150 automobile washes, 40 24-hour aptness centers, some Vegas nightclubs, Muscle Milk (which was acquired by Hormel for $450 million), and Vitaminwater (which was bought by Coca-Cola for $4.1 billion).

Today, Shaq is value an estimated $350 million.

American football actor in series 27 jersey using with a ball

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7. Eddie George

This Heisman prize leader and longtime Tennessee Titans using behind is a undoubted rebirth man. Since timid from a NFL, George has launched a resources government company, non-stop a grill called Eddie George’s Grille 27, and started a landscape design firm, EDGE.

George has also warranted an MBA from Northwestern University and even achieved on Broadway, starring in Chicago as Billy Flynn. With George’s inclusive ambitions, some-more new enterprises could be on a way.

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