6 National Cookie Day 2017 Freebies

Did we know that National Cookie Day is one of a newest inhabitant food days? According to Jam City, builder of a mobile diversion Cookie Jam, Dec 4, 1987, was a initial time that National Cookie Day was celebrated. That means that National Cookie Day 2017 commemorates a 40th anniversary of this tasty holiday. Cookie Jam says Americans will eat about 35,000 cookies in their lifetime. Wow!

Of course, I’ve put together a list of places we can go for National Cookie Day to get giveaway cookies and other freebies. But before we get to that, cruise these stats from Nestlé Toll House about Americans and their adore for all things cookie:

  • When asked to report their state’s favorite cookie or a one that best represents a state’s personality, 34% of Americans picked chocolate chip. FYI, Hawaii picked macadamia bulb cookies and Florida orange cookies. With 49% of a country’s peanuts entrance from Georgia, it’s no warn that Georgians picked peanut butter cookies.
  • 72% of Americans cruise soothing and chewy their favorite cookie texture
  • 41% of millennials preference chocolate chip (followed by snickerdoodle)

Consider this infographic from Nestlé Toll House with some-more info about Americans’ adore for cookies:

Nestle Toll House cookie consult infographicNestle Toll House cookie consult infographic
(Nestlé Toll House)

Other National Cookie Day Celebrations

In further to National Cookie Day on Dec 4, cruise these other cookie-related food holidays:

Now that we know a rest of a times during a year when we can applaud a cookie, here are a 6 places we can go for National Cookie Day 2017 freebies. Unless specified otherwise, these deals are good on Monday, Dec 4, 2017 only.

1. Mrs. Fields

Mrs. Fields is strictly celebrating a 40th Anniversary on National Cookie Day by giving a initial 400 fans during each plcae national a giveaway cookie. Here is a finish list of locations.

2. Cinnabon

In respect of National Cookie Day, Cinnabon has combined a Cookie BonBite. It will be accessible during Cinnabon bakeries national for a singular time. Cinnabon has partnered with Coca-Cola to yield a FREE 12-oz bottle of fairlife Ultra-Filtered Milk with each Cookie BonBite purchased on National Cookie Day. So we get giveaway divert with your cookie purchase.

3. Great American Cookies

Great American Cookies will provide business to one giveaway strange chocolate chip cookie during participating stores on National Cookie Day. No squeeze necessary. Limit one per customer. Great American Cookies now operates in mall-based locations opposite a United States.

4. Nestle Toll House Café by Chip

Nestle Toll House Café by Chip will be carrying a giveaway cookie offer to applaud National Cookie Day. You can get one free, unchanging cookie, no squeeze necessary. There is a extent one per chairman during participating locations. Here is a couple to their café locator.

5. Yesway

Yesway, a preference store sequence with 70-plus locations in Iowa, Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas, is charity a BOGO understanding for National Cookie Day. Buy one Goodie Girl Cookies, get one free, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. usually during participating Yesway locations.

6. DoubleTree by Hilton

While DoubleTree by Hilton gives out giveaway cookies each day to guest who check in, a National Cookie Day jubilee won’t start until Dec 13. But afterwards it will go until Christmas Eve. Called a 12 Days of Cookies, any guest or non-guest can stop by any DoubleTree by Hilton hotel in a U.S. to suffer a nominal signature, comfortable DoubleTree Cookie.

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