6 baked products that will make your gluten-free friends happy

(Scott Suchman for The Washington Post)

Are we in need of a new gluten-free baked good to supplement to your arsenal? Here are 6 to try, prohibited and uninformed from a archives:

Chocolate Almond Tweed Torte, above. Just 7 mixture make adult this not-too-dense, chocolaty cake.

(Deb Lindsey for The Washington Post)

Gluten-Free Olive Oil Muffins. Light and nutty; for a somewhat some-more delicious take, barter a dusty fruit for chopped adult sun-dried tomatoes.

(Deb Lindsey for The Washington Post)

Toasted Coconut Brown Butter Matcha Crispies. The usually baking you’re doing is toasting some coconut flakes. We unequivocally like a sour corner a powdered immature tea adds to a white chocolate coating.

(Deb Lindsey for The Washington Post)

Fig Bars. Like a packaged, fig-filled cookie, though better.

(Deb Lindsey for The Washington Post)

Banana Cookies. These are maybe a tastiest small bites we can make with only 5 ingredients.

(T. Susan Chang)

Gluten-Free Key Lime Pie. The membrane is a shockingly elementary brew of dates and shredded coconut (try it with other cake fillings!). It will seem too soothing after a initial bake, though it unequivocally does frail adult after an overnight chill.

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