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Invest in what we know. Freddy Cruz exercised that sound economics speculation when he motionless to partner with Derrick Willis reduction than a year ago, formulating Dee Willie’s BBQ on O’Connor Road.

Willis operated a grill lorry in a area, and Cruz desired a food so much, he brokered a understanding for a twin to spin a mostly new dance gymnasium space of a Country Nights bar into a full-blown brick-and-mortar operation.

The finish outcome is a jack-of-all-joints where we can get some barbecue, splash a cold drink from a adjoining bar, locate some live Thursday night entertainment, and do a small Texas two-steppin’ when a space reverts behind to a dancing roots on Friday and Saturday nights after 9 p.m.

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More Information

The vitals

Location and hours: 12130 O’Connor Road, 210-387-7452, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesdays by Saturdays, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sundays.

Rating: A plain area option

The array area though, where they are smoking with a reduction of mesquite and oak, sits front and core in a parking lot, and that’s a primary reason a business have been entrance in droves given opening day.

Grand champion: Cruz wouldn’t hold who creates a residence sausage, though he pronounced it was finished in San Antonio privately for a restaurant. These are china dollar-wide links with a mix of beef and pig that take in copiousness of smoke, nonetheless they confirmed a classical snap to a casing. we tend to sequence grill by a plate, though would happily go a sandwich ($7.25) track with these sliced beauties.

The trinity: The babyback ribs ($8.75 per half pound) were so tender, they wouldn’t have survived a slicing routine though descending detached to a pulled pig consistency, so Dee Willie’s sells them whole with 5 skeleton to a half rack. Purists might cry “overdone,” though they’re still distant from dry.

Brisket ($8.75 per half pound) upheld a eye test, with strips that resembled a covering cake as a blackened bellow gave approach to a streaked fat, reddish fume ring and rendered brownish-red beef. Fans of unequivocally hazed brisket will like what they find here, though it might be too powerful for congregation who find a some-more pointed balance.

More from a pit: Smoked turkey breast ($8.75 per half pound) and duck ($6.75 for a half bird) turn out a beef menu, with a gobbler removing a edge. Both superbly avoided a dryness pitfalls and were coated with a correct volume of seasoning.

Sides: The honeyed potato stew ($1.95) is complicated on a butter and comes with a charred candied bombard that creates it one of a best sides of a series. Creamed corn went a sweetened direction, as well, and tasted like vanilla pudding.

Contrast that honeyed with a delicious from a skin-on baked potato salad or a tawny Dee Willie’s take on macaroni and cheese. Both strike on all a correct notes.

Sauce: This ketchup-based salsa is improved than many with a gummy hardness that has hints of peppers and copiousness of tang. Dee Willie’s should cruise bottling and offered it to-go.

Mavericks: Desserts ($3.50) can be a forgettable knowledge on a grill menu, though it’s taken severely here with dainty cobblers (peach and pecan) that came to a list uninformed and piping hot. Banana pudding is finished properly, too, with a light and ethereal hardness that dances on a tongue and is doubtful to make it all a approach home in any to-go container.


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