5 things to know about succulent cookie mix entrance to Mayfaire

Doh Cones is set to open during a finish of May.

The thought to move succulent cookie brew to Wilmington came to Jason Graf in a dream.

Graf and his wife, Tammy, sealed a franchise on a Mayfaire Town Center location, a few doors down from Palmetto Moon gifts. The Grafs will be bringing one of a latest dessert trends to a area with their Doh Cones shop.

1. Multiple flavors

Doh Cones will offer all a classics such as chocolate chip cookie dough, sugarine cookie, chocolate cookie, peanut butter and more. Plus, rotating anniversary flavors will join a brew with 12 flavors accessible during a time. Flavors including gingerbread, pumpkin spice, oatmeal raisin, Fluffernutter, s’mores, Samoa cookies and cookies and cream competence seem on a menu.

2. Served a few opposite ways

Order cookie brew true up, or scooped onto ice cream. Or a brew can be blended into a milkshake. Tammy pronounced her family’s favorite approach to eat a brew is truffle-style — rolled into balls and dipped in chocolate. Around a holiday season, she pronounced Doh Cones competence even be portion cookie brew in mugs and with prohibited chocolate poured over a dough.

3. Yes, it’s safe

The cookie brew is indeed done with heat-treated flour and pasteurized eggs, creation it protected from germ concerns that routinely board tender cookie dough.

4. Set to open this summer

Doh Cones is approaching to open in late May or early Jun in time for a summer rush during a film theater. The opening, of course, is tentative construction of a space and permitting.

5. Everyone is doing it

A cookie brew emporium non-stop in New York City final year and a story went viral, sparking a larger trend of cookie brew shops in cities opposite a country. Today many grocery stores also lift succulent cookie brew products.

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