2 Scoops Saloon combines speak-easy and ice cream for a sweet, smart-alecky venture

2 Scoops Saloon is an intriguing multiple of family-friendly ice cream parlor and speak-easy-style saloon.

Allyson Shove-Chard is carefree her business would fill a hole in a downtown Topeka business landscape, charity families something fun to do during a day and adults an dusk party option.

“Our goal is to yield Topekans and visitors with a noted knowledge by updated twists on classical concoctions in a relaxed, sophisticated, fun atmosphere with a spirit of poser and unexpected,” she said. “By day, 2 Scoops tavern is an ice cream parlor. The second sell area is a speak-easy bar with limited, dark access.”

Shove brings a master’s grade in business administration, and she’ll work with her husband, Jeremy Chard, and crony Sarah Elsen, who will do a day-to-day using of a store.

She and Chard have been experimenting with ice cream flavors during home, formulating singular combinations that are enjoyed by family and friends. It will be severe to change those smaller batches to a vast quantities required to supply an ice cream parlor, Shove-Chard said.

Before opening doors to a brick-and-mortar plcae downtown, 2 Scoops will build a name in a marketplace by handling as a catering business that will assistance a Topeka marketplace turn informed with their ice cream, she said.

“We’ll implement a unstable ice cream cart, redone into some-more of a tavern old-fashioned feel,” Shove-Chard said.

With a cart, they’ll be means to move their ice cream to businesses, weddings and other events to emanate fad for a opening of a parlor and speak-easy.

Shove-Chard pronounced a knowledge of going by a Top Tank foe helped her renovate 2 Scoops Saloon from a thought theatre to a business with potential. The ability to accept submit from internal entrepreneurs, whom she called  “titans of industry,” was invaluable.

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