2 charged in Lynbrook solidified yogurt store burglary, cops say

Two people have been charged in tie with a thievery Saturday during a solidified yogurt store in Lynbrook, military said.

According to Nassau County detectives, a occurrence occurred about 12:45 p.m. when Monique Mooney, 30, of West End Avenue, Inwood, and Palo Howe, 37, of Wendell Street, Hempstead, went into 16 Handles on Atlantic Avenue.

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Police pronounced a dual took a chair by a front doorway and shortly following Mooney dreaming a store clerk by seeking for opposite samples of solidified yogurt as Howe walked to a behind of a store and took an undisclosed volume of income from a worker office.

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An off-duty Nassau County military officer entered a store and beheld a span behaving suspiciously, afterwards told a clerk to check a behind room, military said. Mooney and Howe left a store but creation any purchases, and when a clerk found income was missing, a officer followed a suspects out of a store.

The officer, along with Lynbrook military officers, found Mooney in a area, while Howe was found shortly following inside a firehouse on Earle Avenue. Police pronounced a income was recovered from Howe’s pocket.

Mooney and Howe were arrested and charged with burglary. Howe is also charged with facing detain and rapist trespass, and is additionally charged on an open aver from Long Beach with dual ethanol in open violations.

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They were scheduled for prosecution on Sunday in First District Court in Hempstead.

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