14 extraordinary Starbucks drinks from around a universe that we can’t get in a US

From espresso-infused matcha drinks to a Frappuccino surfaced with pie.


The INSIDER Summary:

  • Starbucks releases singular beverages for opposite markets around a world, and we’re envious.
  • From a pleasing matcha espresso alloy splash accessible usually in Asia, to a cherry cake Frappuccino expelled in Japan, we wish Starbucks would sell these stateside.

American Starbucks stores positively don’t miss creativity when it comes to special beverages. Stateside, we have a viral and ridiculously colorful unicorn Frappuccino, and of course, a annual pumpkin piquancy latte craze.

But some of a drinks accessible usually abroad have us formulating general bucket lists.

INSIDER dull adult some of a coolest, strangest and many delicious-sounding Starbucks beverages abroad (yes, there is a Starbucks in most each vital city in a world).

From a Churro Frappuccino in Latin America, to a matcha espresso alloy splash in Asia, these Starbucks drinks are like zero we’ve ever seen before.

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