11 Milwaukee burgers fit for Randy’s Cheeseburger Picnic

Though Milwaukee dining is evolving, expanding, and improving during an implausible clip, a city still hasn’t jarred a mania with a almighty burger. And because would we? Milwaukee is sanctified with an unconstrained array of pattied delicacies to fit any taste. While a judgment of this tack of American cuisine is simple, each grill does something a small opposite to make theirs special.

We could transition into a full-on burger examination opening and we still wouldn’t moment a aspect of Milwaukee burger greatness, though with Randy from Trailer Park Boys coming to Turner Hall this Friday as partial of his Cheeseburger Picnic tour, we figured this would be a good forgive to acknowledge 11 of a favorite friggin’ cheeseburgers in a area.

Camino — The Burger
This seems right adult Randy’s alley. Camino is so assured in “The Burger,” a Walker’s Point bar and grill done it a usually burger accessible on a menu. Frankly, it’s all we need: a half bruise Wisconsin beef patty, a cut of American cheese, and grilled onions crushed between a brioche bun. There’s also a plight insignia on tip for season and a imagination touch. Camino also gives business a choice to supplement on a accumulation of toppings, though because disaster with perfection? Though not flashy, The Burger is sensitively a tip 5 internal cheeseburger contender. Plus, they’re usually $5 on Mondays…meaning Randy substantially wouldn’t have to review to operative as “Smokey” to put a few of these in his gut.

Crafty Cow — Bacon Cheddar
Bay View’s Crafty Cow also offers $5 cheeseburgers each Monday. Though a special is identical to Camino’s, a burgers are remarkably different. The “Juicy Lucy” burgers are pressed with Weyauwega cheese and an heterogeneous operation of other toppings. Our favorite is a Bacon Cheddar, that is simple-yet-satisfying. We consider Bobandy would approve.

Goodkind — Burger Night Special
Also located within a unexpected burger-rich borders of Bay View is Goodkind. Though a grill is distant too imagination to let Randy in though a shirt, they’d substantially hook a manners to offer him one of their specialty burgers out on their patio. Every Tuesday, a critically acclaimed grill loosens a necktie to offer a opposite burger invention for an affordable price.

The themes and mixture change each week, though a one consistent is a tasty Carlisle Beef Patty that’s lifted right here in Wisconsin. This polished cow credentials also comes with a drink pairing. If drink isn’t your thing, we can only indicate during something on a cocktail list and let a wine do a thinking.

Kopp’s Frozen Custard — Bacon Cheeseburger
From a possess Josh Hoppert: “We’re huge fans of a Kopp’s Frozen Custard bacon cheeseburger, or a double bacon cheeseburger if we’ve had a severe day. It’s tainted and slimey and crispy in all a right places, with Nueske’s bacon restraining a whole thing together. We keep it flattering simple, commanding it with ketchup, mustard and pickles.”

Factor in a accessibility of custard circuitously and you’ve got yourself a dish that’s value frigging off to a suburbs to get.

Mazos Hamburgers — Bacon Cheeseburger
Mazos Hamburgers has been portion adult superb burgers given 1934. The interior and a prices haven’t altered most given then. Thankfully, a menu hasn’t altered most either. The prominence of a seminal south side establishment’s singular offerings is a Bacon Cheeseburger, that is bolstered by fresh, never frozen, belligerent daily beef. It competence take a while to get your food sometimes, though it’s value a wait…and a weight.

Merriment Social — Whatever The Happy Hour Burger Special Is That Day
Anyone who’s watched adequate Trailer Park Boys knows that Randy is simply persuaded. Though Mr. Lahey (RIP) frequently led his partner into trouble, Merriment Social‘s kitchen staff can be devoted to ceaselessly come adult with engaging and unimaginable cheeseburger creations to be placed between dual pillow-y milkbuns. At only $5 a cocktail during happy hour each weekday, Randers could substantially take a few of these to a architecture though most trouble.

Nite Owl — Cheeseburger
Nite Owl looks like it could be true out of Trailer Park Boys. When ignoring a vicinity to a airfield and a now-busting Layton Avenue vicinity that came to be given a anniversary drive-in non-stop generations ago, this classical cheeseburger vestige from Milwaukee’s past could pass for a hangout a boys would visit in Nova Scotia.

Oscar’s Pub Grill — “The Big O”
DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECENT!!! “The Big O” during Oscar’s is a best burger in Milwaukee. This should be treated as fact from now on.

Sobelmans Pub — The Sobelman
Though Sobelmans‘ lofty explain of carrying a “best burgers” isn’t accurate (see directly above), a renouned food and enormous bloody mary purveyor does make some damn excellent burgers. Chief among them is a namesake, The Sobelman. It facilities a grilled beef patty that’s lonesome with 3 cheeses, boiled onion, bacon, and diced jalapenos. If you’re looking for a cheeseburger cruise in or around a Menomonee Valley, there’s simply no improved place.

Stack’d Burger Bar — Housemade Black Bean Veggie Burger
In annoy of his cheeseburger obsession, Randy has been famous to work vegetables into his diet from time to time. He cooking corn dogs, fries, and….okay, that’s about it. Wait, is mustard a vegetable? Anyway, should Randy ever confirm to spin things around and bashful divided from beef when he’s in Milwaukee (or if you’re looking for a good meatless alternative), Stack’d offers a top-notch black bean burger, that is done and pattied uninformed in house.

The Vanguard — Thee Durty Burger

Last though positively not slightest is Thee Durty Burger. Since opening in 2014, Vanguard has offering this loyalty to Trailer Park Boys as one of a princely sausage joint’s few “tube-less” specialties. Though a distant cry from the grrreeeeeeeasy burgers Philadelphia Collins (RIP) served adult during his Dirty Burger truck, Vanguard’s delivery maintains a tacky attract of a original. An amalgam of beef left over after creation sausages is total and pattied, afterwards surfaced with bacon, lettuce, tender diced onion, pickles, tomato, Velveeta cheese, and “ok sauce.” Each one is different, though they’re all delicious. Like a uncover it honors, Thee Durty Burger competence seem severe around a edges during first, though once we give it a satisfactory chance, you’re substantially going to adore it.

We adore it, though that competence only be a opinion. To put it to a test, we’re going to eat a Durty Burger with Randy before Friday’s uncover and see what he thinks.

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