10 Vegan Chip and Dip Match-Ups Fit For A Super Bowl Smackdown

The New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons competence be a biggest stars during this year’s Super Bowl, though a vegan chip-and-dip round-up is guaranteed to stir adult some astonishing foe during your football party. To chuck a best Super Bowl celebration ever, we motionless to span some of a favorite vegan chips with a best plant-based drop recipes on a web. The outcome is a Super Bowl-worthy break register that will leave we painful over that multiple to choose, as any tasty twin brings something opposite and tasty to a personification field. Which pairing will power champion over your stomach? We advise environment out a few of these combinations, and everybody wins!

1. Beanfields White Bean with Sea Salt Chips with Caramelized Onion Dip
Is there anything improved than a classical caramelized onion dip? Yes—onion drop with Beanfields White Bean with Sea Salt Chips! The light, frail season of these bean and rice chips pairs easily with a strong season of a honeyed tanginess in your classical onion dip. Try this caramelized chronicle from Hot For Food.

2. Trader Joe’s Quinoa Black Bean Chips with Vegan Seven-Layer Dip
A seven-layer dip, generally this dainty and abundant recipe from Namely Marly, requires a estimable chip. Fortunately, a Quinoa and Black Bean chips from Trader Joe’s fit a bill. These chips have a pointed season that allows a dip’s formidable flavors to shine, and are stout adequate to drop and drop all 7 layers during once.

3. Late Jul Bacon Habanero Clasico Tortilla Chips with Vegan Queso Dip
These corn chips from Late July are seasoned with sharp habanero peppers and a sweet, hazed bacon flavor. Undeniably tasty on their own, these chips are taken to a whole other turn when interconnected with a vegan queso, and Minimalist Baker’s eggplant-based chronicle does only a trick!

4. Simply 7 Sea Salt Lentil Chips with Creamy Artichoke Spinach Dip
Few dips elicit a coziness and comfort of a warm, slimey spinach artichoke dip. Although it’s traditionally served with tortilla chips, we suggest subbing in these healthful lentil chips from Simply 7. These chips’ unique, worldly season ideally complements a classic, immature dip—pair with this super-creamy veganized chronicle from Plant-Powered Kitchen.

5. Tostitos Cantina Traditional Tortilla Chips with Simple Restaurant-Style Salsa
A classical restaurant-style salsa—such as this one from Simple Vegan Blog—requires an equally classical tortilla chip. Tostitos is a collect for dipping into a sharp tanginess of this easy-to-make salsa. With options from scoops and rolls to punch distance and traditional, there are so many ways to drop with this chip.

6. Beanfields Ranch Bean and Rice Chips with Vegan Ranch Dip
This multiple doubles a plantation goodness! Beanfields Ranch Bean and Rice Chips have nailed a “cool” plantation ambience all on their own, though we contend go large and put it together with an equally tantalizing plantation drop such as this one from Fork Beans.

7. Terra Plantains Sea Salt Chips and Guacamole
Tortilla chips and guacamole are classic, though this not-so-traditional guacamole from Leslie Durso facilities sun-dried tomatoes, that brings new life to this favorite pairing. Give things a turn and span with Terra’s pleasing 3-ingredient Plantains Sea Salt chips. You’ll never demeanour during chips and guac a same!

8. Stacy’s Garden Veggie Medley Pita Chips and Roasted Pepper Hummus
Hummus is a ultimate vegan dip. With so many varieties, we could literally emanate hundreds of pairings. The miscellany of herbs, tomatoes, and onions in a Garden Veggie Medley Pita Chips from Stacy’s lend themselves agreeably to a roasted red peppers hummus. Try this sharp recipe from Healthy Happy Life (bonus sandwich recipe included!).

9. Terra Crinkled Sweet Potato With Sea Salt and Healthy Cowboy Caviar
This cowboy caviar from Cookie Kate has all a informed bean and veggie fixings of a Texas favorite, though though all a fat interjection to a lighter Italian dressing. For an astonishing delicious surprise, we’ve teamed this corpulent drop with Terra’s Crinkled Sweet Potato With Sea Salt chips.

10. Earth Balance Vegan Cheddar Flavor Kettle Chips and Vegan Cheddar Bacon Dip
Bacon and cheese competence seem like a vegan culinary illusion, though a cheddar-flavored kettle chips from Earth Balance and Keepin’ It Kind’s chickpea-based, coconut bacon-studded drop make it a reality.

Stephanie Dreyer is a owner of VeegMama, where she helps families prepare and eat healthier.

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