10 things we didn’t know we could do with peanut butter

Gone are a days where peanut butter can usually be used as a allegation for bread or bananas.  Peanut butter is a go-to seasoning for the bottom of dressings, marinades, and dipping sauces. You can use peanut butter to dress all from poultry, to noodles, to satay. Let us not forget peanut butter as a pivotal part in comfort food desserts. Many a childhood memory is laced with visuals of flare tines indenting peanut butter cookies or plunging into a decline of a normal southern peanut butter pie.

Click here for a 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Peanut Butter slideshow.

Often found in smoothies or interconnected with apples or celery, peanut butter is a protein-packed, healthy break for kids and adults alike. Here’s a kicker though: Your health isn’t a usually thing that could benefit from eating peanut butter. Your skin and a hardness of your hair improves with accepted focus of a bulb butter. The well-spoken provide can also help repair scratches on your household surfaces and appliances. This edible, all-utility widespread wears many hats as a cleanser, bait, lubricant, shred cream, and so much more.

Peanut butter is sincerely inexpensive and found in each supermarket and drugstore. It’s not only a must-have tack for a home cook. It’s a must-have tack for a home, period. Creamy or chunky, delicious or sweet, you’d be nuts (yes, we went there) to not see the flexibility of peanut butter.

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