10 Hyped-up Foods To Eat At Esplanade Festival Village 2016 (5 – 9 Aug)

The pickled egg yolk hype is still manifesting in a tummies and these wickedmallows are charity we a possibility to have domestic pickled egg marshmallows. Mmmmmhm.

Locally crafted, these epicurean marshmallows are usually made-to-order in tiny batches and any marshmallow is palm cut and roasted with artisanal finesse.

4. Macaron Ice Cream by Barahkah-fe


Ice cream and macaron sandwiches? I’m on it.

Barahkah-fe offers Halal French pastries designed by a French Pastry cook to share a adore among a community.

5. Teh Tarik Cupcakes by Spatula Bakery


Teh Tarik flavoured cupcakes? I’m on it. Spatula Bakery offers adult intriguing cupcakes and I’m articulate about flavours like Gula Gila, Maple Pancake and many more.

Started primarily as an online bakery by NUS Graduant Ms. Anna Majeed, Spatula Bakery got a initial section and trebuchet store in Joo Chiat, and is still located there currently. Beautifully piped and tasty tasting, be certain to squeeze some before it runs out.

6. Unicorn Tears by Dapper Coffee


Unicorns and mermaids are real, Dapper Coffee shows us so with their sparkly blue Unicorn Tears drink, that is half apportionment mythical, half apportionment glittery and 100% tears of joy. It is non-alcoholic and non-caffeinated with succulent shine within (the accurate recipe is a secret).

Shake it to see a sparkle!

7. Galaxy Donuts by The Lab SG

galaxy donuts a lab sinseh a grocergalaxy donuts a lab sinseh a grocer

Get a small square of a effluvium in a bit and you’re about to get some universe amatory during a Esplanade Festival Village.

These Galaxy donuts are fanciful up with colouring, icing, succulent glitter, golden sugarine crystals and sprinkles, that wasn’t overwhelmingly sweetened as we suspicion it to be. Totally insta-worthy.

8. Huge Flavoured Sodas by Togok


Perhaps a outrageous crater of sweetened soda is what we need to energy by a festival. Absolutely lust quenching and refreshing, its just what we need for a breathless feverishness that Singapore promises while navigating a throng during Esplande Festival Village.

Tasting most like fruit punch, there are also other engaging flavours like  Chocolate and Kopi, Raste Dew and even Durian and Kopi.

9. Paddlepop Pudding by Perghh


I feel like a overarching thesis of renouned dishes these days in Singapore is rainbow, what’s with a mania yet – here’s a paddlepop pudding splash to feel that enchanting hold all over again.

Perghh bottles this visually-satisfying paddlepop-inspired Dadih, which is a normal fermented Malay-style milk pudding. The coherence is like tao huey (soy beancurd) that is soothing and while not absolute on flavour, is a gratifying favorite among many locals.

10. Double Fried Potato Fries With Salted Egg Yolk Sauce by Katoshka


There there, this is no doubt corrupted though could we ever conflict such stately double boiled potatoes slathered with a suacy topping, so charming you’ll forget your woes?

Katoshka’s double-fried Russet potatoes are distinct solidified and pre-cut fries. The creatively cut Russets are fried evenly inside giving it a tawny hardness that solidified fries mostly lack. The second frying is where a crispiness and golden-brown demeanour is achieved. This is a tip to these tasty double boiled potatoes!

If smart hyped-up dishes aren’t your crater of tea, we could also conduct on over to a Makansutra Food Truck where we get to knowledge modsin burgers like a Nasi Lemak Burger, Black Pepper Soft Shell Crab Burger and many more. Then finish that off with some honeyed treats during Suzette, a dessert bar judgment by Lola’s.

So what are we watchful for? Celebrate this National day with your family during an overwhelming festival full of food and fun. Remember, a happening 5 – 9 Aug 2016.

You can find out some-more about a Esplanade Festival Village at their central website too.

Esplanade Festival Village: 1 Esplanade Dr (Esplanade Waterfront), Singapore 038981 | 5 8 Aug 2016 : 3pm – 10 pm ; 6, 7 9 Aug 2016 : 12pm – 10 pm

Psst, from a 1st of Aug to 31st August, spending $50 and some-more during a mall will grant we to singular tote bag redemption. So, what we watchful what we watchful for? *cues Gwen Stefani*

*This post was brought to we in partnership with Esplanade – Theatres on a Bay

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