1.33 Billion Chicken Wings To Be Eaten On Super Bowl Sunday And More Food Factoid Fun

Americans will eat 12.5 million pizzas on Super Bowl Sunday, if a numbers are right. In any case, we eat a lot of food on Super Bowl Sunday. If holidays had sequels, we’d call a Super Bowl, Thanksgiving II. (Shutterstock)

The Super Bowl is to a food attention what Christmas is to retailers.

In other words, if a Dec holiday deteriorate disappeared, it would have a surpassing impact on a sell industry’s economy. I doubt we need convincing, though it’s always fun to demeanour during statistics and information display what gluttons we are. Here are some of a numbers demonstrating usually how most food will be consumed over a arriving Super Bowl weekend when a New England Patriots and a Atlanta Falcons play on Feb 5.

We eat some-more food, usually on Thanksgiving. According to a U.S. Department of Agriculture, a Super Bowl is a second largest food expenditure day in America.

Pizza. According to a folks from a banking website, RetailMeNot.com, Americans will buy 12.5 million pizzas on Super Bowl Sunday, with an normal sequence value of $26.45.

Another approach to demeanour during how most pizza will be consumed over Super Bowl weekend…

  • In mid-January, Pizza Hut announced that they approaching to sinecure 11,000 employees in time for a Super Bowl. (The association is also in a midst of a vital expansion.)
  • Hungry Howie’s, a pizzeria with over 550 locations in 21 states, predicts that they’ll sell 200,600 pizzas on Super Bowl Sunday – 33,600 some-more than they would on a standard Sunday. And for those who like numbers, that translates into 61,800 pounds of cheese, 7,632 gallons of salsa and 93 tons of dough.
  • The people during a smoothness food website DoorDash.com tell me that final year, orders from pizza places increasing by 16 percent on Super Bowl Sunday, compared to a normal Sunday. (Actually, that doesn’t seem like a outrageous spike, that is kind of engaging and might usually pronounce to who orders from DoorDash. For instance, deliveries from sports bars jumped 34 percent over a standard Sunday.)

Chicken wings. Over a Super Bowl weekend, according to a National Chicken Council’s annual report, Americans are set to eat 1.33 billion duck wings, that is adult dual percent (or 30 million duck wings) from final year.

Drilling down, a small more…

  • The duck wings chain, Buffalo Wild Wings, sent me their Super Bowl numbers, and a volume of food they sell on Super Bowl Sunday is striking. According to Karim Webb, who owns several franchises of BWW and is on several of a companies advisory boards, any BWW sells approximately 6,000 wings on a standard weekend. But over a Super Bowl weekend, that series jumps to 13,500.
  • Wing Zone, an Atlanta-based grill sequence that specializes in buffalo wings, expects to sell around 450,000 duck wings national this Super Bowl Sunday, adult from a 411,611 wings they sole on Super Bowl Sunday in 2016. On a standard Sunday, they sell a small over 100,000 wings (for comparison’s sake, they sole 132,674 wings national on Jan 8, 2017 and 108,071 wings on Oct 23, 2016).
  • Buffalo Wings Rings not surprisingly reports a outrageous burst as well. The grill sequence national typically has over 9,000 orders of normal wings and tighten to 8,000 weak wings on Super Bowl Sunday – compared to around 3,700 normal wings and 5,200 weak wings on an normal day.

Nachos and cheese. To underscore my indicate that a Super Bowl truly is like Christmas for some business owners, Professor Thom’s is a Patriots bar in New York City, and a owner, Pete Levin, estimates that a Super Bowl weekend accounts for roughly 75 percent of a bar’s food sales for a year.

He says that business will eat some-more than 150 pounds of cheese over Super Bowl weekend. During any other standard weekend, business consumer an normal of 10 to 15 pounds of cheese, according to Levin.

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